Jeffrey W. Taliaferro

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science at Tufts University

  • AB, Duke University
  • AM, Harvard University
  • PhD, Harvard University

Professional Activities
  • Associate Professor (with tenure) (2005-present)
  • Assistant Professor (1998-2005)
  • Lecturer (1997-1998), Department of Political Science, Tufts University
  • member of American Political Science Association (1992-present), International Studies Association (1995-present), International Society of Political Psychology (1995-present), and Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (2008-present)
  • member, editorial board of International Studies Review (2007-present)
  • member, D/CIA Historical Review Panel (2008-present)
  • member, ISA Diversity Committee (2007-present)
  • article referee for American Political Science Review, Contemporary Security Policy, Diplomatic History, International Interactions, and International Security
  • article referee for International Studies Perspectives, International Studies Review, International Studies Quarterly, Review of International Studies, Security Studies, and World Politics
  • book referee for Oxford University Press, Stanford University Press, State University of New York Press, Palgrave Press/St. Martin's Press, and Routledge, Taylor, and Francis
  • recipient of competitive grants and fellowships from grants and fellowships from the Smith Richardson Foundation, the Institute for the Study of World Politics, the National Science Foundation, and Center for International Affairs at Harvard University
  • term member, Council on Foreign Relations (1999-2004)
  • former chair, APSA Helen Dwight Reid Award Committee for Best Dissertation in IR (2003)
  • former member, Robert Jervis and Paul W. Schroeder Book Prize Committee, APSA International History and Politics Section (2004)

Research Interests
  • International relations theories
  • security studies
  • United States foreign policy
  • grand strategies of the great powers
  • international history and politics
  • and qualitative methods
• "State Building for Future War: Neoclassical Realism and the Resource Extractive State," Security Studies, vol. 15, no. 3 (July-September 2006): 464-95.
• "Power Politics and the Balance-of-Risk: Hypotheses on Great Power Intervention in the Periphery," Political Psychology, vol. 25, no. 2 (March 2004): 177-211.
• "Realism, Power Shifts, and Major War," Security Studies, vol. 10, no. 4 (summer 2001): 145-78.
• "Security-Seeking under Anarchy: Defensive Realism Reconsidered," International Security, vol. 25, no. 3 (winter 2000/2001): 128-61.
• "Correspondence: Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm? (Or Was Anybody Ever a Realist?)," International Security, vol. 25, no. 1 (summer 2000): 165-93.
• "Quagmires in the Periphery: Foreign Wars and Escalating Commitment in International Conflict," Security Studies, vol. 7, no. 3 (spring 1998): 94-144.

• Neoclassical Realism, the State, and Foreign Policy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, January 2009); co-editor and contributor with Norrin M. Ripsman and Steven E. Lobell; simultaneous paperback and hard cover editions.
• Balancing Risks: Great Power Intervention in the Periphery, Cornell Studies in Security Affairs, (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2004), hard cover, 320 pp. Winner of the 2005 Robert L. Jervis-Paul W. Schroeder Prize for the Best Book in International History and Politics, American Political Science Association.

• "Introduction: Neoclassical Realism, States, and Foreign Policy" (with Steven E. Lobell and Norrin M. Ripsman) in Neoclassical Realism, the State, and Foreign Policy, ed. Lobell, Ripsman, and Taliaferro (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009).
• "Neoclassical Realism: Prestige, Loss Aversion, and Great Power Intervention," in Making Sense of International Relations Theory, ed. Jennifer Sterling Folker (Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Reinner, 2005).



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Political Science Department, Tufts University, Packard Hall
Medford, MA, 02155

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