Susan Landau

Bridge Professor in Cyber Security and Policy

  • PhD, MIT
  • MS, Cornell University
  • BA, Princeton University


Susan Landau is a Bridge Professor in Cyber Security and Policy, and splits her time between The Fletcher School and Tufts University's School of Engineering (as a professor of Computer Science). Susan works at the intersection of cybersecurity, national security, law, and policy. She has testified before Congress, written for the Washington Post, Science, and Scientific American, and frequently appears on NPR and BBC. Her previous positions include senior staff privacy analyst at Google, distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems, and faculty member at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Wesleyan University.

Professional Activities
  • 2016-present: Member, Forum on Cyber Resilience, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  • 2015-present: Area Editor in Political and Policy Perspectives, Journal of Cybersecurity
  • 2013-2016: Associate Editor in Chief, IEEE Security and Privacy
  • 2010-2016: Member, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  • 2002-2008: Member, Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • 1994-2001: Associate Editor, Notices of the American Mathematical Society

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Research Interests
  • Cybersecurity Policy
  • Privacy
  • Communications Surveillance
"Russia’s Hybrid Warriors Got the White House. Now They’re Coming for America’s Town Halls," Foreign Policy, September 26, 2017.

"Listening In: Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age," Yale University Press, 2017.

"Encrypted smartphones secure your identity, not just your data," The Conversation, February 28. 2018.
"Real security requires strong encryption – even if investigators get blocked," The Conversation, November 1, 2017.

  • 2015: Inductee, Cybersecurity Hall of Fame
  • 2012: Surveillance Studies Book Prize
  • 2012: Fellow, John S. Guggenheim Foundation
  • 2011: Fellow, Association for Computing Machinery

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