Elizabeth Stites

Assistant Professor of Research, Senior Researcher for Conflict & Livelihoods at the Feinstein International Center


Elizabeth Stites, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Research at The Fletcher School and Senior Researcher for Conflict and Livelihoods at the Feinstein International Center. Her work focuses on the effects of conflict on civilian livelihoods and the ways in which communities, households, and individuals adapt or change their livelihood strategies in conflict environments and the repercussions of these changes. She is particularly interested in how conflict and livelihoods intersect and overlap and the repercussions of these linkages for individual and groups according to gender, age, and social position. At the policy level, Stites focuses on the effects of international and national humanitarian, development and military policies on gender roles and livelihood strategies. Her field work aims to improve the effectiveness of international and national policies through evidenced-based research reflecting the lived experiences of local communities. She has worked throughout sub-Saharan Africa and in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Nepal.



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