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Africana Club

Undertakes activities to promote and further understanding of issues relevant to Africa and African culture.

Belise Rutagengwa

Meghan Costello

Utsav Mulay


Ambassachords is Fletcher's premier co-ed a capella group, celebrating cultures across the globe and in many languages while promoting global harmony since 1933. We sing at Fletcher events throughout the year. Can you carry a tune? Come join us! Auditions are held at the beginning of each semester and rehearsal is held once per week. 

Cindy Garcia

Daiki Tajima

Jillian Bizal

ASEAN Society

The ASEAN Society serves to spread awareness about the Southeast Asia to The Fletcher School and the broader local community through speakers, discussions, simulations, debates, career talks, student and professor presentations as well as cultural events. It aims to fill the gap between the growing importance of and increased interest in Southeast Asia at Fletcher and the lack of a coherent hub to exchange information, ideas and experiences about the region. Come join the ASEAN Society today!
Jolyda Sou

Akshobh Giridharadas

Bakhtawar Ali

Asia Club

Fletcher Asia Club was established in 2004 as a means for students interested in all aspects of Asia to share experiences and knowledge with some fun thrown in. The group seeks to build a diverse network of Asia-oriented scholars and professionals through lectures, discussion tables as well as introducing Asian culture through movie nights, food fiestas, and language tables. We also promote the collaboration with other Asia-related student organizations from around the Boston area. Please come and join the Asia Club and share your unique experiences with Fletcher!

James Do

Seher Vora

Fletcher AV

Fletcher AV seeks to bring campus policy discourse to the audiovisual medium. Through developing capacity, collaborating on creative projects, and facilitating discussion on the effects of the audiovisual medium on policymaking and public opinion, Fletcher AV seeks to demystify a critical medium for public discourse in the 21st century. 

Ahmad Raza 

Anthony Schultz

The Blakeley Chat

Blakeley Chat seeks to provide Fletcher students informal opportunities to learn from other each other through presentations of each speakers' experience. Personal experience is another way of learning. Learning from your colleagues can be as efficient as learning from professors or books, but adds a very friendly and informal element to it. It is commonly said that people never stop learning and through such a club we bring together a large number of international students in a friendly and familiar space, where they can share experience and knowledge.

Alex Maltun

Culinary Diplomacy Club

Molly Haragan

Mary Soule

Thad Kerosky

The Diplomats Ball


Jen Byrne

Jordan Liedholm

Educators in International Affairs

The Fletcher School’s Educators in International Affairs society seeks to be an organization of current Fletcher students who have backgrounds working in education or an interest in international education. Former teachers represent a distinct portion of our student body who possess common skills which, when leveraged, can be assets in their graduate studies and future careers. The organization will also seek to expand the discourse at Fletcher surrounding the challenges and opportunities in education around the world as it relates to diplomacy and international development.


Maria Selde 

 Rashi Rathi

European Affairs Society (Euro Club)

The European Affairs Society provides a forum for the Fletcher community to explore, discuss, debate and celebrate contemporary transatlantic issues. This club aims to develop an understanding of the European community at Fletcher through the organization of engaging activities such as conferences and social gatherings including the "European Christmas", social mixers with other schools in the greater Boston area, dinners, movie showings and book talks.

Lindsey Smith

María Alvarez-Tólcheff Alarcó

Róisín Taylor

Nicolas Normand

Fletcher Cares

FletcherCARES is a public service organization that provides opportunities for volunteerism to build a stronger, more efficient, and more sustainable community network within The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University. Our Mission is to promote a sense of community, well-being, and support through public service among the Fletcher community. Our goal is to build collaboration wherever possible with other Fletcher, Tufts, and civil society organizations and to promote public service careers.

Colin Steele

Sanna Bedi

Fletcher Climbs

Fletcher Climbs is the premier rock climbing club for beginners new to the sport and seasoned veterans alike. We endeavor to build strength, leadership, and the ability to push new boundaries through top-roping, lead climbing, and bouldering at rock gyms in area surrounding Tufts. We not only want to create a community of adept climbers, but also to introduce new, adventurous climbers to the fast-growing sport. We will feature a Fall outdoor climbing trip in conjunction with the Tufts Mountain Club (TMC) at Rumney, NH, a Spring outdoor climbing trip to North Conway, ME, and several film screenings. So let’s crush those cruxes and go climb!

Bin Feng Zheng

David Bahamon

Fletcher China Studies Society

The Fletcher China Studies Society seeks to promote an interdisciplinary understanding of China that encompasses, among other areas, politics, culture, economics, and identity. This not only reflects the complexity of Chinese society today, but also the diversity of China interests found within the Fletcher community. We seek to bring this community together in the sharing of knowledge and experiences, as well as to create an environment for students new to these subjects to learn about Chinese society and the role China plays in the international arena.

Qi Qi

Phil Shattan

Ningyi Sun

Fletcher Christian Fellowship

A non-denominational Christian group that holds weekly meetings and provides a forum for all those interested in growing in their relationship with God.

Deborah Kang

Wendy Yu

Miran Song

Fletcher Consulting Group 

The Fletcher Consulting Group was formed to create a culture at Fletcher around consulting as a desired career destination. Our membership includes individuals interested in particular sectors or general consulting or those who need to prepare for case style interviews. We aim to focus on four main goals: Career & Case Study Prep, Networking/Forging Relationships, Hosting Sessions/Events & Research. 

Theo Taylor

Nitesh Gupta

Sean Morrisey

Dylan Lubbe

Meera Jayakumar

Fletcher Diplomacy Club

The Fletcher Diplomacy Club seeks to raise the profile of diplomacy on campus and serve as a focal point for students from all nationalities interested in diplomacy as a career, both within the civil and foreign services.

Norva Hall

Anamaria Karrels

Peter Maki

Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC)

Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC) - Informs students about environmental and energy issues and events on a local and international level. FLEEC acts as a network and resource for current Fletcher students and alumni to get involved in environmental issues. FLEEC hosts speakers, field trips, career networking events, and acts as an informational platform.


Jimena Solano

Elizabeth Minchew

Stefan Koester

Dia Banerjee

Fletcher Families and Partners



Fletcher Fermentation Club

Fermented products know neither time nor borders, and have been enjoyed and relied upon by many cultures throughout history. Fermentation 101 seeks to create a knowledge-sharing community at Fletcher that teaches and learns about the multifaceted wonders of fermentation. We will explore all of the possibilities of fermentation, which include, but are not limited to, beer, wine, cider, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, cheese, kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh. As a knowledge-sharing club, previous experience in the zymurgical sciences is not required, but all members are encouraged to share a curiosity about the processes behind the commercial fermented products that we consume every day.


JB Kelly 


Fletcher Finance Club

The Fletcher Finance Club’s mission is to be a platform of learning in the areas of finance and related public policy by offering extracurricular skills and knowledge building initiatives; and to provide a complementary channel through which members may successfully pursue a professional career in the broad financial services & banking industry.


Adi Sarosa

Timothy Wessel

Ashraya Dixit

Fletcher Forum

Founded in 1975 and published biannually, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs is the student-managed foreign policy journal. The publication provides a broad, interdisciplinary platform for analysis of legal, political, economic, environmental, and diplomatic issues in international affairs.

Maria Selde(EIC)

Tom Carugati (Business)

Zareera Bukhari (Print Editor)

Pulkit Aggrwal and Colin Steele (Web Editors and External Relations)

Fletcher Food Policy Club

Molly Haragan

Ana Orians 

Fletcher Futbol

Fletcher Futbol is the Fletcher School's foremost Sports Diplomacy practitioners club. We believe in using the world's most common language—soccer—to connect students from around the world through a common love of the beautiful game. Fletcher Futbol is a co-ed all-inclusive club, which plays competitively against other graduate schools in the Boston area. Fletcher Futbol is a cultural, professional, and athletic cornerstone of the Fletcher community. Joga bonito. 

John Beasley

Emily Gannam

Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society

The Humanitarian Action Society (HAS) provides a network and forum for students interested in humanitarian affairs where students can exchange their diverse experiences, perspectives and skills. HAS serves as a platform where students can begin to fill the gaps in their understanding of what it means to work in the humanitarian space and think critically about challenges in the field.

Karen Taylor

Claire Wilson

Sabina Robillard

Roisin Taylor

Fletcher Islamic Society

Fletcher Islamic Society (FIS) aims to create a space to further the understanding of Islam in different social, cultural, political, and spiritual contexts. By hosting speakers, engaging in community service, and facilitating open dialogue, FIS hopes create an environment where Islam can be understood in all its complexity and diversity.


Latifah Azlan

Khadija Mohamud

The Fletcher Latin America Group (FLAG)

This student network is interested in the study and development of Latin America. We organize diverse academic and social activities such as conferences, visiting speakers from the region, networking opportunities, and social events.


Karina Peña

Lucía Ávila

Stanley Márquez

Fletcher Net Impact

Fletcher Net Impact believes in using the power of business to make a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. We host events, speakers, networking opportunities, and field trips focused on sustainability, social responsibility, innovation and global shared value. Our parent organization, Net Impact, is a community of more than 30,000 changemakers who are using their jobs to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Net Impact members put business skills to work for good throughout every sector, showing the world that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too. Net Impact is comprised of 277 professional, graduate, and undergraduate chapters worldwide.

Mikayla Redding

Charlie Bentley

Fletcher Neptunes



Fletcher Performing Arts Club

The Fletcher Performing Arts Club (PAC) is the gateway for Fletcher students, faculty, and alums to share their talents in music, dance, and theater with the greater Fletcher community. Most noted for our bi-annual winter and spring recitals, Fletcher PAC serves as a channel for students and staff to form ensembles, become connected to Boston's performing arts scene, and to forge connections with other student groups at Fletcher. We also arrange Open-Mic Nights, a casual platform for the Fletcher community to perform anything from Beethoven to spoken word poetry. Even if your instrument hasn't been touched in years, Fletcher PAC welcomes you with open arms! Our goal is to connect you with fellow arts enthusiasts here at Fletcher and to provide a venue for you to share your talents with others. 


Daiki Tajima

Cynthia Garcia

Sophia Park

Protiti Roy

Fletcher Political Risk Group

The Fletcher Political Risk Forum (FPRG) provides members of the Fletcher community with an interest in the analysis of political risk as it pertains to the fields of finance, insurance, energy, and consulting a formal organization for discussion and a platform to host leading scholars and practitioners in the field of political risk.

FPRF will present a unique perspective to the Fletcher community through analysis of and access to a broad and growing discipline that is influencing growth and investment in all sectors in emerging markets. With traction in financial institutions, insurance companies, global and niche consultancies, multinational corporations, government agencies, and multilateral organizations, the political risk industry is relevant to the full spectrum of Fletcher student academic and career interests.

Britaania Poppie

Kelsey Goodman

Fletcher Running Club

Matthew Palumbo

Fletcher Science Diplomacy Club

The Fletcher Science Diplomacy club aims to raise awareness of the growing field of science diplomacy and highlight the role of science in informing sound policy-making (science in diplomacy), solving global challenges (diplomacy for science) and improving international relations (science for diplomacy). The club provides a forum for Fletcher students to explore and understand issues at the intersection of science and international relations and to contribute in establishing the Fletcher School as a pioneer and leader in the field of science diplomacy. Please visit our website for more information. 

Pulkit Aggrwal

Jonathan Keenan

Fletcher Security Review

Meg Guliford-Editor in Chief

Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG)

The Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) is a student-run organization dedicated to the study and practice of impact investing. FSIG’s vision is to empower the next generation of leaders in social investment to innovate and manage effective investment platforms that yield balanced social and financial returns. We connect Fletcher students with hands-on learning opportunities to provide advisory services to impact-focused enterprises and investors. Check out our work at www.fsig.org.

Kaede Kawauchi
Anantha Natalegawa
Novie Sandhu
Alex Chamberlin

Fletcher Society for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies

The Fletcher Society for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies provides a forum for discussion and reflection on political and economic issues pertaining to countries of the former Soviet Union.  The club aims to promote a better understanding at Fletcher of the region, its people, and its diverse cultures.

Austin Bowman

Cynthia Garcia

Fletcher Strategic Simulation Society

Cody Parker

Fletcher Students in Security (FSIS)

Fletcher Students in Security strives to address the cross-cutting and interdisciplinary issues that affect the international security field. Topics under consideration will range from human security, development, human rights, conflict resolution, negotiation, national security, environmental security, corporate risk, intelligence, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation (just to name a few). The objective of this group is to better enable the Fletcher student security community to tap into the world-wide security field. Our events will range from attracting visiting speakers to networking and job opportunities (academia, think tanks, the diplomatic corps, the intelligence community, the military, government, NGOs, international organizations, the media, and the private sector).

Hilary Adams

Sarah Schrag

Colin Steele

Fletcher Students of Color and Allies

Building on the legacy of Ralph Bunche, Fletcher Students of Color and Allies (FSCA) provides a safe space for students to discuss issues of race, class, and culture, and serves as a platform to engage the Fletcher community in considering minority identities and experiences in their careers at Fletcher and beyond.  FSCA focuses on three areas of engagement:

Experience: providing a platform for students to share their personal life experiences in a safe environment where they feel comfortable, empowered, and supported.

Exposure: exposing students to industry professionals across career sectors, providing a unique opportunity to explore, discuss, and understand the dynamics surrounding issues of race, class, and culture in the today’s professional spheres.

Expertise: organizing career development events, providing information and access to new career-advancement opportunities, including channels necessary for students to expand their network beyond Fletcher. 

FSCA will seek opportunities to partner with the Fletcher Alumni of Color Association (FACA) to strengthen its programming and community. FACA is a network of Fletcher Alumni committed to fostering a strong and enduring community among Fletcher alumni of color.

Will Boyd

Fletcher United Nations Club

The purpose of this organization shall be: to strengthen links between Fletcher students and the United Nations; to offer practical advice on securing job opportunities at the UN and to provide job networking opportunities, particularly with alumni; to develop relationships within the Fletcher community among students and faculty with an interest in, or work experience at, the UN, as well as with colleagues from the Harvard Kennedy School chapter of the UN Club; and to promote discussion and debate through relevant events. 


Alicia Hernandez

Anastasia Karimova

Fletcher Veterans


In keeping with the tradition of military members helping each other, the Veteran's Group was created to assist military members transition from the service into graduate school: From obtaining the Post 9/11 GI Bill, to finding a place to live, to course recommendation. Please contact us at any time - from application through acceptance -  with any questions you might have about the transition from military to civilian life. 


VA Benefits Link

Katrina Ablen


Jon Gillis

The Gender Initiative

The Gender Initiative seeks to improve the overall quality of the Fletcher experience by conducting research into elements of inequality and bias in our academic, social, and professional communities.

The Gender Initiative provides opportunities for motivated students to commit their skills in research, analysis, management, consulting, and facilitation to initiatives that seek to improve: 1) their shared experiences at Fletcher; and 2) the school itself as an institution grounded in the diversity of its students and their myriad professional and personal experiences and aims.

Priscilla McCelvey

Anastasia Karimova

Global Health Group

This group aims to ignite discussion of the holistic importance of health considerations in the development of sound public policy. Further, it seeks to provide a forum for the acquisition and sharing of information to members of the Fletcher community who wish to analyze issues of international importance through the lens of public health policy and/or complement their interpretation of international issues with supporting information related to global public health.

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Gardel



Global Women

The Global Women (GW) group seeks to mainstream gender issues and raise awareness regarding the critical role that women play in international affairs. By sponsoring speakers, student discussions, and working with campus leaders, GW gives a forum within the Fletcher community for dialog about gender. Among Global Women's other initiatives are workshops that address leadership, communication, and networking skills, and a mentoring program with Tufts undergraduate students.

Hania Mumtaz 

Marina Lazetic

Human Rights Project

The Human Rights Project is a student organization devoted to strengthening human rights into international relations studies. The group has created an arena of discussion, social activities, research and analysis for human rights and related issues.

Sasha Lansky

Stephanie Williams

Bahjat Mansour

International Business Club

The mission of the International Business Club is to:
  • Support club members' exploration and job search into careers in international business.
  • Provide a platform for discussion of global business issues outside the classroom.
  • Expose members to business leaders from around the world.
  • Promote Fletcher as a school educating future leaders in international business.

Dia Banerjee

Lucy Emerson

Jordan Liedholm

International Development Group

We examine international development issues form various viewpoints and perspectives. We sponsor speakers and conferences on development issues.

Doris Hernandez

Katherine Quintero

Alana Baray

International Law Society

The International Law Society is Fletcher's chapter of the International Law Students Association. In keeping with Fletcher's unique and pragmatic perspective on the international law, the ILS attempts to develop a practitioner's understanding of various legal questions. Events include lectures, guest speakers, debates, and film screenings, and are designed to bring legal scholars on a shared platform with international relations, policy, development, and business theorists and practitioners.

Sophia Park

International Migration Group

The International Migration Group (IMG) is a student organization that strives to generate greater awareness of migration issues through lectures, films, discussions, informal brown bag luncheons, practical skills training, and other events. The purpose of these activities is to introduce students to a wider range of issues in the field of migration, to provide opportunities to access the knowledge and experience of our Fletcher peers and professionals/academics working in the field, and to increase networking opportunities for individuals interested in migration-related careers. The scope of IMG's work includes but is not limited to: forced migration, including refugees and asylum seekers; labor and economic migration, including irregular migration; internal displacement and urbanization; statelessness; human trafficking; and migration relating to environmental degradation and climate change.

Khadija Mohamud

Alana Baray

Heather Kunin 


International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Our group strives to promote a constructive dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, improve implementation and evaluation of practices, and contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary approach in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.

Alex McAuliff

Max Bevilacqua

International Trade Group

Jillian Bizal

Ian Wallace

Japan Club

Japan Club seeks to engage students in three ways: policy, culture, and networking. We seek to host events on politics and policy relevant to Japan, U.S.-Japan relations, and East Asia.


Law in International Development Society (LIDS)

Malvina Binjaku, Projects VP

Paige Gasser, Fletcher Liaison 

MA Professional Student Group

Trish Basile

Michael Walls 

Anurag Rastogi 


Mediterranean Group (Med Club)

The Med Club is a cross-national forum for the celebration of all things Mediterranean. Through debates, discussions, and the medium of film, we seek to explore and foster the cultural, social, and political heritage of the myriad peoples populating the Mediterranean basin and its neighboring areas.
Med Club's Events Page



The Murrow Network

The Murrow Network supports the work of Fletcher's Edward R. Murrow Center, focused on international implications for media, cyberspace, communications, and public diplomacy. Students work on original research and strategic programs, and have special access to speaker series and leading stakeholders across the relevant industries.

Ashley Doliber

Brittany Parker

North Korea Working Group

Priscilla McCelvey

Elizabeth Mori Tronheim

PhD Student Group

The PhD student group acts as the conduit to develop a sense of community among PhD students with outreach to the rest of Fletcher, through workshops and events. Visit the PHD website.

PRAXIS: The Fletcher Journal of Human Security

PRAXIS provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and seeks to promote innovative research in the field of human security. Together with the Institute for Human Security at The Fletcher School, the journal explores the intersections between the historically separate fields of humanitarianism, development, human rights, and conflict resolution.


The Pride@Fletcher group’s goal is to raise awareness of sexual minority issues both in the field of international relations and at The Fletcher School. The group is open to both sexual minorities and allies.

Nicolas Normand

Claire Wilson

Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law, & Diplomacy (Fletcher RLD)

The Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy (Fletcher RLD) seeks to broaden the role of religious literacy in international affairs be it security, conflict resolution, humanitarian affairs, diplomacy, or business. Through an annual fall conference and spring speakers series, we host conversations and debate on relevant topics to Fletcher RLD.

Clare Gooding

Sasha Lipton-Galbraith

Student Council

The Student Council serves as a forum for students and the administration to engage in dialogue about issues on campus. The Student Council also allocates funds to each of the student groups.  

Student Council

South Asia Society

A club devoted to promoting lectures series on South Asian topics, sponsoring South Asian cultural events and coordinating South Asian networking receptions.

Zerin Osho

Rashi Rathi

Syria Working Group

The Syria Working Group seeks to place the Fletcher School and its community at the center of the debate and action on one of the worst crises of our time. The group will provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences on Syria and its crisis from interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives. For that purpose, the group will utilize the wide-ranging expertise and skills of the faculty and students. The group’s activities will range from holding lectures and discussions on the crises to reaching out to and partnering with other institutions and individuals working on this important issue.

Lilly Tahmasebi

Karen Taylor

Adham Sahloul

Tech @ Fletcher

Tech @ Fletcher is the student club of the Hitachi Center for Technology and International Affairs, and connects students interested in technology both to each other and to opportunities for developing the skills necessary to succeed in the use and management of technology in international affairs. The club also works to provides guidance on course selection and career resources for students interested in focusing on technology-related subjects, and works to raise the profile of technology in international affairs at Fletcher overall.

Libby Hennemuth

Shounak Mukherjee

Bin Zheng

Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program (TURAP)

The Tufts University Refugee Assistance Program (TU-RAP) creates a social support network of volunteers and mentors for recently resettled refugees in the greater Boston area. TU-RAP volunteers connect directly with refugees, positively impacting their ability to build new lives in the United States, and in the process gaining meaningful personal experience. In conjunction with other student organizations, TU-RAP educates the broader Tufts community about topics related to refugees, human rights and immigration.


For the love of everything outdoors. We organize hikes, camping trips and more.

Manuela Jaggi

Alana Baray

Women in International Security

With more than 7,000 members in 47 countries, WIIS remains the only global network actively advancing women’s leadership, at all stages of their careers, in international peace and security.  WIIS continues to serve its mission by:

-Producing groundbreaking research on women in peace and security careers;

-Fostering women’s leadership development and mentoring support; and

-Expanding the WIIS network of women and men who are dedicated to women’s leadership in peace and security

To subscribe to WIIS and become an expert in our network, please visit: http://wiisnetwork.org/

Mariya Ilyas

Alexandra Hall

Emily Dumont