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Information for Club Leaders & Event Planning

Steps to planning an event

1. Set a date for the event.

2. Reserve a room.

           a. One member per club will be set up to reserve rooms through the Tufts room reservation  
           b. You may also reserve space through the receptionist
           c. Please try to reserve classrooms if possible. Although the 7th floor is occasionally available
              for student club use, a facilities request must be completed for any 7th floor reservation,
              which may incur additional charges. Note: 7th floor cannot be reserved without submitting a
              facilities request at least 2 weeks in advance.

3. Put the event on the Fletcher Connect Calendar—and if applicable, public calendar. http://fletcher.tufts.edu/Calendar/Submit-Event. Once the event is on a calendar, the event can be advertised on the Fletcher Events Listserv with the calendar link included in the email. (You cannot send more than 3 emails to the moderated listserv for any given event)

4. Submit facilities requests: required for any table/ chair set-up or cleaning requests

          a. All 7th floor usage in addition to any set-up in Mezzanine or Hall of Flags requires a facilities
          b. Please provide diagrams showing where all tables and chairs should be located.
              Please see Katie for blank diagrams of Fletcher rooms.
          c. All facilities requests should be given to Katie for her to submit to Tufts facilities at least
              2 weeks in advance.

5. A/V Support
          a. If you are using any technology (presentations, microphones, etc.) during your conference,
             you will likely need A/V support.
          b. Please contact Brad Macomber in Ginn Library to reserve A/V help.

6. Use club funds to purchase food and/or materials for the event. If you are co-sponsoring the event with another student club, email student affairs the amounts that each club will donate to the group who is primarily in charge of planning the event.

7. Get reimbursed for club purchases.

*NOTE: If you are planning an event in conjunction with a faculty member, please be sure to seek help from the relevant faculty assistant before beginning any of these steps. If you are working with a student club, you can direct any questions to Katie Mulroy, Director of Student Affairs.

Communication resources for student group events

•    Fletcher Calendar; Fletcher Connect Calendar:
•    Social list:  fletchersocial@elist.tufts.edu
•    How to set up club listserv:  https://it.tufts.edu/sites/default/files/ElistTips.pdf
•    Fletcher clubs and organizations page 

Obtaining funds for student events
Funds are awarded once a semester.  In order to receiving funding for student clubs, club leaders must attend the Student Club Orientation Meeting, which takes place the week after classes begin each semester.  It is mandatory that all student organization leaders attend this meeting.  Spending guidelines and logistical policies and procedures are discussed.

After the meeting, fill out a budget proposal form.  A link to this form will be sent to student leaders who attend the meeting.  Student Council decides the funding allocation for each student organization and will inform club leaders of their respective awards after the first student council meeting of each semester.  

Funding must be used within the given semester.  Funds do not rollover to the next semester or next academic year.
Creating a new student organization
Each semester, potential new student groups have the opportunity to apply for official club status.  Officially recognized student organizations enjoy the following privileges:  1) Eligibility to receive club funding; 2) Inclusion on the Fletcher Student Groups webpage; 3) Eligibility to send announcements regarding club business and activities to the Fletcher official listservs.   

In addition to attending the Student Club Orientation Meeting and submitting the budget proposal form as described in the previous section, student leaders must also send the following information to fletcher-council@elist.tufts.edu:  1) Mission statement; 2) Statement describing organization’s unique contribution to Fletcher community; 3) Names of student leaders; 4) 10 original signatures of interested current students (can be scanned).
Accessing funds for club events

Funding Deadlines:

Fall Funding Deadline: December 4, 2017 at 5pm

Spring Funding Deadline: April 23, 2018 at 5pm

Reimbursements and Payment:
In most cases, club members will buy materials for events with personal funds. Make sure that the business does not charge tax because all club purchases are tax-exempt. You may obtain a tax-exempt form from the Office of Student Affairs in Cabot 403b. You can present this form when paying for club items.  

After making club purchases, you can submit receipts in person or via email to fletcherclubreimbursements@tufts.edu. In all cases you must provide:

a)      An itemized receipt with a clear method of payment (reimbursements cannot be processed without itemized receipts).

b)      Name

c)      Student ID Number

d)      Name of Student Organization

e)      Address

f)       Reason for expense (e.g. XYZ Club event on ABC)

Most reimbursements will be in the form of a check, which you will receive via U.S. mail in about 2 weeks. However, if the expense is less than $50, you can get request to cash immediately at Dowling Hall with petty cash reimbursement. 

Advance Payment
In certain cases, if you are concerned about paying out of pocket, you can also have the Office of Student Affairs pay with the club credit card ahead of time. It is best to ask the business first if they will accept a tax exempt credit card over the phone.  Local businesses such as Lisa’s Pizzeria, Pini’s Pizza, Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Danish Pastry House, and Nick’s House of Pizza are familiar with this system. In order to do so, you must 1) call the business and place your order and 2) email Student Affairs with the phone number and name of the business and the order price. This must be completed at least two business days in advance. Immediately after the event, you must submit the receipt to the Office of Student Affairs.  

If you need a paper check by a certain date to pay for a vendor, give at least 3 weeks notification to the Office of Student Affairs.  A check can be either sent directly to the vendor or given to the student for drop-off.
Event guidelines
The following are guidelines to consider when planning events:
•    THE EVENT MUST BE OPEN TO THE ENTIRE FLETCHER COMMUNITY.  Internal student organization meetings (i.e. meetings involving only some or all members of a student organization) are excluded from funding.
•    If alcohol is served at an event on campus, it must be arranged through Tufts Catering and Campus Police must be present.  Otherwise, alcohol is not allowed at events.  
•    If a video recording is shown at an event such as a movie night or film festival, it must be licensed for public showing.  A DVD or video shown an event hosted by a student club that does not have public performance rights will break copyright law.  
•    Alumni speakers are always be coordinated with Director of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.
Restrictions on the uses of club funds
The following is a list of items that are not allowed to be purchased with club funds:

•    Alcohol
•    Gift cards or cash cards
•    Airfare for guest speakers.  The exception is travel from New York City or Washington, D.C.**
•    Payment for consulting services, honoraria, travel grants, research stipends, or any other payment of this type
•    Gas.  Gas can only be reimbursed with a record of mileage and not with a receipt.  A record of mileage includes the exact address of the start and end point of the trip and a line describing the purpose of the trip.  
•    In addition, no organization may open an outside account or arrange for credit with an institution.

**Boarding passes, in addition to receipts, are required for any airfare reimbursement

Fundraising (General)

Fundraising by individuals is prohibited on all University property, including The Fletcher School. All Fletcher student organizations are subject to the University policy on fundraising, which is accessible at  http://ocl.tufts.edu/wp-content/uploads/Student-Fundraising-2015.pdf.

In general, recognized student organizations wishing to conduct fundraising must:
  • First notify and be granted permission by Katie Mulroy, Associate Director of Student Affairs (katie.mulroy@tufts.edu)
  • Set a date and reserve space ahead of time for any fundraising activity (within Fletcher, space can only be reserved on the first floor of Cabot; no fundraising is permitted in the Hall of Flags)
  • Deposit all proceeds into the organization’s University account
  • Use any and all funds raised in one of two ways:
    • Offsetting the costs of planned student organization activities within the same semester, with all funds deposited into the organization’s account
    • Donation to a U.S.-based, IRS-recognized charitable organization, in which case 501(c)(3) documentation must be provided before securing approval to fundraise and the name and mission of the charitable organization must be included in any advertisements for thefundraiser
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as University policies
  • During the fundraiser, post a sign identifying the fundraising organization, goods and/or services being sold, and prices
  • Cases that may have implications for School or University development, e.g. soliciting corporate sponsorship or alumni donations, will incur additional review and conditions. Katie Mulroy will identify these cases based on fundraising applications and take the lead in coordinating with relevant development and/or corporate and foundation relations officers.

Fundraising for political purposes is also subject to additional conditions as set forth in the “Fundraising” subsection of the policy on individual political involvement published elsewhere in the student handbook.

Hosting Social Hour
Official student clubs can choose to host a social hour during the academic year in order to promote or celebrate a certain event or promote the club itself.  The following steps should be taken if a club is interested in hosting a social hour:
1.    Secure a date with the Office of Student Affairs at the beginning of the semester.
2.    Include the social hour date in the budget proposal and indicate that you are requesting social hour funds.  
3.    The organization will only need to provide food for approximately 125 people with the awarded social hour funds.
4.    The Office of Student Affairs will arrange the cash bar, police detail, facilities set-up, and will also provide plates, utensils and napkins.  
Planning culture nights


At least 4 weeks prior to event

Pull together team to organize the event and divide up the labor. Some suggested subgroups include:

  • Lead organizers (oversee budget and expenditures, attend meetings with Fletcher Student Affairs, stay informed of other subgroups’ plans and coordinate overlapping logistics).
  • Food & drink (outside caterer for the food, Tufts Catering for the bar, arranging for disposable ware if needed, Social Hour arrangements).
  • A/V (lights and sound).
  • Advertising and sales (plan advertising strategy using email listservs, flyers, etc.; schedule ticket sellers for Hall of Flags and at the door the night of the event).
  • Performance coordination (liaise with performers, arrange rehearsal time, and set program order).
  • Decorations (note: you cannot hang anything from walls)

Begin recruiting performers and planning the program.

Submit appropriate alcohol license forms to Katie (typically name of vendor and invoice)

Submit draft budget to Katie Mulroy.  The numbers will likely change, but it’s important to have a ballpark figure worked out.  Budget conservatively to ensure the event breaks even. Each group will receive $500 from Student Council

Sample Budget:



Total Funds








Event date





Office of Campus Life



51 Winthrop Rental






Police Detail



Facilities (clean up)



Performance Props



Ticket Sales






Bar Charge





2 weeks prior to event:

The dress rehearsal usually takes place a few hours before the event.  Inform anne.wolfe@tufts.edu what time you would like the hall to be open for the rehearsal.   

As soon as the line-up of performances for the event has been set, contact Ginn Library (Brad Macomber or the A/V student worker) to reserve A/V staff and speakers.

Ticket sales take place sometime during the two weeks leading up to the event. There are only 200 chairs in 51 Winthrop, but you can sell up to ~230 tickets. Most groups sell tickets in the Hall of Flags.

Both Katie Mulroy and Jim Rollins keep cash boxes in their offices (Katie: Cabot 403B; Jim Cabot 405B).  There is no cash in the cash box to start with so it would be wise to provide some starter $1 bills to make change. 

Night of Event

Folding chairs will be set-up lecture style with aisles in the middle and at the sides for people to move around the room.

It is important not to damage the walls in 51 Winthrop.  Decorations cannot be hung from walls. Tape cannot be used on walls for any reason. If your group violates this, we risk losing access to 51 Winthrop. If the Office of Student Affairs sees anyone violating this rule, the group will not be allowed to have their culture night the following year. Additionally, the student organizers will not be able to attend any future culture nights.

     Everyone must clear out of the space after set-up before the event can begin.

     Office of Campus Life staff will be available to take tickets and monitor re-entry the night of the event.