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Transcript or Verification Requests

Transcript Requests

Fletcher Students 2006 - Present

Fletcher Alumni 2006 - present and current students can download an unofficial transcript on their own through SIS or request an official transcript be printed through the Registrar's Office. Student have the option of picking up the official transcript in person from the Registrar's Office or have it sent to a specific location. Students can request as many transcripts as needed at no charge. If you forget your UTLN and/or password, go to https://tuftstools.tufts.edu/

To View Your Unofficial Transcript

Your unofficial transcript cannot be used for official purposes, however it can be a valuable tool for reference as it lists your class history, credits, and grades.

To view your unofficial transcript, click on the "Request" tab at the top of your SIS homepage and select "View Unofficial Transcript." On the "View Unofficial Transcript" page, select the appropriate academic institution and report type from the drop down boxes and then "View Report."

**If nothing happens when you select "View Report," please un-block your pop-ups.

To Request an Official Transcript

  1. To request a copy of your official transcript, click on the "Request" tab at the top of your SIS homepage and select "Official Transcript."
  2. On the "Official Transcript" page, select either "Request Institution to Mail" if you want the Registrar's Office to mail the transcript for you or select "Hold for pick-up -- Stdnt Srvs." if you want to pick the transcript up in person.
  3. Select the appropriate academic institution and report type from the drop-down boxes.
  4. Select when you want the transcript to be processed and the number of copies.
  5. If the transcript is being sent by the Registrar's Office, click on "Edit Address" and enter the address of where you would like the transcript sent in the appropriate boxes. (Note: If you selected the "Hold for pick-up -- Stdnt Srvs" option, the "Enter Recipient Address Information" section will state "**ISSUED TO STUDENT**."
  6. Once you have entered the necessary information, click "Submit."

Fletcher Alumni Pre-2006

Please download, print, and submit the transcript request form. The form must be signed with your hand-written signature (we do not accept e-signatures) and may be submitted via either email (fletcherregistrar@tufts.edu), fax (617-627-4028), or mail (Fletcher Registrar's Office, The Fletcher School, 160 Packard Ave Medford, MA 02155). Please note that this form is only for Fletcher alumni who graduated prior to 2006.

Degree Verification and Letter Requests

If a student needs a letter either verifying their degree from Fletcher or confirming their enrollment in a Fletcher program, one should email the Registrar's Office at FletcherRegistrar@tufts.edu with as much detail as possible. The letter will be printed on official letter head and signed by a member of the Registrar's Office. It is also possible to include the raised Fletcher seal on the letter for further authentication purposes. 

Apostille Requests

Students who need an apostille to further verify the authenticity of their diploma should first contact the Registrar's Office in regards to the process. To start the process, the Registrar's Office needs the original diploma in order to verify and notarize the diploma copies created. The copies are then mailed via FedEx to the Public Records Division within the Secretary of the Commonwealth in downtown Boston and the apostille is applied. The apostilled copies are sent back to the Registrar and then sent back to the student via FedEx along with the original diploma. 

The entire process costs $75 and can take a few weeks to complete. Checks should be made out to the The Board of Trustees of Tufts College. Please contact the Registrar's Office at FletcherRegistrar@tufts.edu for more information.