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Fields of Study

Current field requirements can be found in the most updated "Field of Study Guide". Please note that fields are subject to change annually. Any field substitution must be approved by the overseeing faculty member.

Click here for the 2017-2018 Field of Study Guide


Field Exceptions

If you would like to offer a non-Fletcher course or other Fletcher course in place of a required or elective course in a Fletcher field of study, please submit the field exception form and have it signed by the field advisor. Please note that only one exception is allowed per field of study.

Self-Designed Fields

Students may submit a self-designed field request form to apply for one self-designated field of study to satisfy degree requirements. Petitions for self-designated fields must be submitted before the student's final semester.

The follow requirements must be satisfied for the approval of a self-designated field:

  1. A resident member of Fletcher faculty must assume responsibility for advising the student on the Self-Designated field and must support the request in writing.
  2. The Self-Designated field must consist of at least three course credits for the MALD and five course credits for the PhD candidate unless the PhD candidate is offering three fields in which case four courses per field is accepted.
  3. The Self-Designated field must include at least one Fletcher course as the required course for the field.
  4. The Self-Designated field should consist of a group of courses with a clear methodology, a respectable volume of theoretical and applied literature, and boundaries that enable a clear distinction to be made between the subject of the special field and related subjects outside the field, and between the Special Field and existing Fields of Study.
  5. The Self-Designated Field should have an international component that reflects the flavor of the Fletcher curriculum.