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Employment and Work Study

In addition to teaching and research assistantships, various part-time jobs are available at The Fletcher School and other areas of Tufts University. In addition, some students work off campus. Although some positions are limited to students who qualify for the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program, others are open to all. Students with jobs typically work between 10-12 hours a week both on and off campus. International students with an F-1 visa may work up to 20 hours a week on campus. Students typically earn $9-$15 per hour depending on job responsibilities. More information on student employment can be found on the Tufts Student Employment Office website at students.tufts.edu/financial-services/student-employment.

At Fletcher, a limited number of teaching and research assistantships are available to second-year and doctoral students. Students may be employed by an individual professor or by one of the School's research centers. Professors and research centers interview and select their own assistants. Teaching and research assistantships are treated as student employment at The Fletcher School. Assistantships do not reduce tuition fees. The stipend for assistantship positions is typically around $2,000.

Fletcher students may serve as teaching assistants at Tufts University in the undergraduate departments of Political Science, Economics, History, International Relations, and Modern Languages. These assistantships are normally awarded to second-year students, though occasionally first-year students are selected. Students interested in teaching assistantships should make inquiries directly to the individual departments at Tufts University as early as possible for full consideration. Fletcher students also serve as teaching assistants at other institutions in the Boston area.

Some Fletcher students find work opportunities off-campus. Please note that this option is not available for international students except in a volunteer capacity. International students may work up to 20 hours per week on-campus only. Off-campus salaries can often be higher than those found on-campus.

Students who work off-campus often have a previous relationship with an employer, for example as a former employee or summer intern. Recent employers have included non-profits, research institutes, local universities, and private companies. A few students do freelance writing or consultancy work.

Federal Work Study (FWS) Program

FWS is a federally funded program which provides eligible students with employment opportunities on-campus, and off-campus with certain community service programs, during the academic year. The FWS funds administered by the University subsidize the wages paid to the student by the hiring department.  Students secure their own employment. 

  • Students are notified about FWS awards by Tufts University Student Financial Services.
  • Wages are paid through a combination of federal funds and the employer.
  • Awards apply only to the period (semester or summer) for which they are appropriated.  Work Study money cannot be held over for use in the next academic year, or used retroactively.
  • A student’s Work Study award is not provided in a lump sum, and it does not reduce the University bill.  The award is earned through employment.
  • Students must monitor earnings. Once the full award amount has been earned, students may only continue their employment if the employer is willing to hire non-Work Study students.
  • On-campus Work Study: Many University departments offer part-time positions during the academic year for students with Work Study funds.
  • Work study students may work off-campus in community service jobs developed by the Tufts Student Employment Office.
  • Off-campus FWS positions are confined to community service jobs at non-profit organizations.
  • Off-campus employment must be pre-approved by the Tufts University Student Employment Manager.
  • America Reads: Tufts University is committed to the America Reads Program. 100% of a Work Study student’s wages may be paid from federal dollars if the student is employed as a reading or math tutor for children in preschool through elementary school, or as a tutor in a family literacy program that provides services to families with preschool or elementary school children.

Students often hear about Fletcher jobs through the School’s e-lists. For other campus jobs, the Tufts Student Employment Office (http://student.jobs.tufts.edu) serves as a clearinghouse. The office locates and develops part-time and full-time Work Study and non Work Study positions both off and on-campus. Jobs are listed on the Student Employment JobX site.

Additional Employment information and Work Study FAQs can be found here.