Fletcher Connect

Fonts and Palette


The primary typefaces that have been chosen for the Fletcher graphic identity system are MYRIAD and PALATINO. No substitutions are allowed for MYRIAD in the Fletcher signature; however, for the body text of letters and internal communication printed through a laser or ink-jet printer Helvetica may be substituted.


For more detailed information about our color palette, please contact the Office of Communications and Public Relations.

The Fletcher School Color Palette - The Primary Palette:

Careful consideration has been given to establishing specifications for the primary color set for the Fletcher signature. Guidelines are presented here for consistent display of the proper colors in Web and other RGB media, as well as print in solid (Pantone) and four-color process.


The Fletcher School Color Palette - The Supplementary Palette:

A supplementary set of colors has been designed to complement the primary Fletcher colors. These colors represent a recommended selection but are not necessarily the only options available to the user. Guidance in using colors not displayed here can be obtained by contacting Office of Communications & Public Relations at cpr@tufts.edu. Specifications for print and RGB media are presented here.