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Fletcher Flag

Use of The Fletcher School at Tufts University name, logos, and wordmark must observe institutional guidelines and/or receive prior approval. Please contact the Office of Communications, Public Relations & Marketing (CPR&M) if you have questions.

Please consult the Fletcher style guide and brand manual and observe the following brand guidelines:

  • The only acceptable colors are shown. Do NOT alter the colors.
  • Do NOT alter the proportions
  • Do not separate elements of the design (e.g., the scrolling "f") for use as a separate design element.
  • Do not add text to the flag.
The central component of The Fletcher School graphic identity system, the Fletcher Flag represents the distinctive and defining characteristics of this dynamic academic institution.  The flag motif speaks to the School's mission of preparing the world's leaders in international arenas, as well as the concepts of stability, security, and justice.  The stylized "f" connecting the two vertical bars implies creating connections and understanding in an interdependent world.

The Fletcher Flag 

It is critical to the success of the identity program that this symbol is used according to the guidelines herein without alteration, to reinforce the unique brand messages inherent in the mission of The Fletcher School.

If you choose to resize any of these images, select the EPS files and resize proportionally with Adobe Illustrator or another program that will work with vector formats.

Tufts Bookstore is the only authorized seller of Fletcher-branded items. Unauthorized use of the school's name, logo or wordmark to produce items for sale is prohibited. If your student group is seeking Fletcher-branded items to sell for fundraising purposes, please contact the Office of Communications, Public Relations & Marketing (CPR&M) or the Tufts Bookstore to discuss. 

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