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Summer Internship Funding

More information about funding for Summer 2018 will me made available in Spring 2018 when we will hold summer funding overview workshops.


The Fletcher School has a limited amount of funding available to assist Fletcher students who choose to conduct unpaid summer internships. The funding comes from a variety of sources (i.e. the School, private donations and foundation grants) which vary from year to year. Funding is only available in the summer timeframe (May-August).  These funds are intended to be a “last-resort” funding option for students unable to secure any other funding from Tufts or their summer employer.

Fully matriculated students from all degree programs (MALD, MIB, LLM, MA, MAHA, PhD) are entitled to apply for summer funding one time per Fletcher degree pursued and for only one experience. The program is designed to partially support summer endeavors and will not be enough to cover full expenses so please budget accordingly.

To qualify for Fletcher funding, the Internship:
must be full-time
- minimum of eight weeks in duration
- unpaid experience sponsored by an institution/employer.

Preference is given to unpaid public, non-profit or international organization internships, though unpaid private sector internships will also be considered. Fletcher must receive written confirmation directly from the employer as part of the application process.

This is applicable to all international internships: The OCS must receive confirmation from Tufts International Safety and Operations that they have reviewed and approved the internship before we can process any paperwork for any internship, no exceptions.  More information is available at their website: https://tufts-travel.terradotta.com/