Sushma Vij

Sushma Vij

Sushma is working as Deputy General Manager in Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy Division of Reserve Bank of India at its Central Office, Mumbai. Her present role goes well with her inclination towards community welfare. She has been actively involved in policy making on the subject. She had joined Reserve Bank of India in 1983 and have worked in various capacities across different parts of the country discharging varied roles in the area of Human Resources, Rural Banking, Foreign Exchange, Payment Systems and Information Technology. She is a strong believer of leading through participation and team spirit.

On personal front, work is her hobby and innovation is her style. Yoga and meditation forms part of her daily routine. She loves cooking new dishes in her self-styled innovative ways. Her husband, Ajay Vij, is also working as Deputy General Manager in Reserve Bank. Her 26-year-old son, Anirudh, is an engineer by profession, presently associated with a research project. Her son has been major motivational factor in strengthening her beliefs as regards giving back to the society.


Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank of India


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