Prabu Dewanto

Prabu Dewanto

I was born in Bukittinggi, a small city in Indonesia and part of West Sumatera province. In 1990, I pursued my senior high school on another island of Indonesia, leaving my parents. It was a big decision for me because I'm the only child and was only 15 at that time. By that decision, I had a chance to be an independent person and to have better knowledge about life. In 1994, I lived in Jakarta to join Trisakti University. At the end of my time in university, Indonesia faced transformation of government. It was started from Trisakti University by military action with shooting the students. I joined other students from other universities in protesting bad behavior of old government. After graduation in 1998, I ran a company that worked in coal trading. Because of the economy crisis, the company operations were not very good. In 2000, I joined a big five public accountancy (KPMG) as consultant but later left the office to pursue my master degree in international management (at Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia) in 2001. I joined Bank Indonesia in 2001 as payment system overseer. It was a new division and not many central banks have its own division in payment system oversight. With the other 8 employees, I set up regulation, operating procedures, conduct on site examination, monitoring (to more than 150 payment system participants) and conduct assessment. Since 2012, I have joined Licensing and Payment System Information Division. I have tasks to process the license from payment system operators, new product launch, cooperation among operators and as a facilitator on payment system area discussion, seminars and information dissemination.


Manager, Bank of Indonesia


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