Ndye Souka Diouf

Ndye Souka Diouf

As a fellow of the 2014 fletcher leadership program for financial inclusion, it will be a great pleasure for me to satisfy a need, attending class, seminar, conference dedicated to financial inclusion. I study finance but in my studies, i didn't do any courses related to microfinance, i just practise it in professional field and i think i can be enriched with other tools and shares of experience with fellows of many countries. i'm working in this field of competences since 2010 and i have achievement to get in my career. Additional certificates and experiences can be advantages and i like exchanging with persons of different cultures. It won't be my 1st stay in Massachussets but i'm sure it will be very particular to be in an american classroom studying but not in holidays as i have the habit when i came there. Thanks for this opportunity !


Financial Controller, DRS-SFD


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The program is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The MasterCard Foundation, and Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa.