May Abulnaga

May Abulnaga

May Abulnaga is the Regulations Department head under the Banking Supervision Sector of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). Her career includes specializing in corporate credit and credit risk, restructuring of the state owned banks as part of the reform program conducted by the CBE for the Egyptian banking sector; besides, issuing and amending prudential regulations. May holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with "high honors" from the American University in Cairo (AUC), and minor in Economics. For more than 20 years May maintained a varied career in banking starting on the commercial banks' side and focusing on corporate credit and credit risk. In 2005, she joined the CBE as part of the banking sector reform team managing the restructuring project for the state owned banks. In 2007, she established the Regulations department, issued several regulations and guidelines to the banking sector among which is bank governance - where she was appointed as the official instructor for the training programs in this regard -, the rules governing the central bank credit registry system, regulations for developer and acquisition finance, measures to wither the negative effect of revolution), participated in the initiative to encourage banks to finance SMEs, and in the Basel II implementation project. She is also responsible for preparing, reviewing, and negotiating MOUs as part of the CBE's supervisory cooperation role. In 2013, May took the additional responsibility of managing the banking sector reform department focusing on financial inclusion specifically on promoting SME finance


Regulation Department Head - Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Egypt


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