Jason Barrantes

Mr. Barrantes holds a position as Supervisor in the Department of Cooperatives and Non-Bank Financial Institutions of Costa Rica's General Superintendence of Financial Institutions, SUGEF (acronym in Spanish). In such character, he carries out the analysis, regulation and supervision of the financial institutions under his charge, which includes risk identification, monitoring and evaluation. Currently, he serves as Primary Nominee in the “Alliance for Financial Inclusion” (AFI)'s “Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Working Group” (SMEFWG) representing SUGEF in the international working group meetings around the globe. In addition, he has assumed several responsibilities in regards to fostering the best practices in financial inclusion and policies in Costa Rica. He has worked in different financial inclusion topics in the SMEFWG and SUGEF, including: a case study regarding Costa Rica´s “Movable Assets Registry”, completing different surveys concerning Financial Inclusion, organizing the first “International Forum on Microcredit” that took place in Costa Rica on August 2016 and being the representative of the Supervision Department for the study on the implementation of the simplified saving accounts in the country (one of the institutional goals related to the National Strategy for Financial Inclusion). Mr. Barrantes has 20 years of professional work experience in Costa Rica´s financial sector. He has held several positions in international organizations and local financial intermediaries. He also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Finance from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology.




Costa Rica


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