Firdavs Tolibov

Firdavs Tolibov

My name is Firdavs Tolibov. I was born in March 11, 1980 in Muminobod region of Tajikistan. After primary and secondary schools I finished Tajik-Turkish High School of Kulob city in 1998. After high school I got a scholarship from Eastern Medditerranean University (EMU) of Cyprus. In 2003 I graduated EMU with a Bahcelor of Arts inBanking ans FInance and came back to Tajikistan. On my return I started to work with liscencing division of the banking supervision department of the National Bank of Tajikistan. Later in 2007 I moved to work in off-site analysis division of the above mentioned department. During my work I have attended several seminars and trainings both inside and outside my country. In 2009 I got a scholarship from IMF to continue my study in Japan. My masters degree in public policy I gained from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Tokyo, Japan) in 2010. After my way back home I started to work in the microfinance division of the banking supervision department and until now am working in the same division.


Chief Specialist, National Bank of Tajikistan


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