Chitkasem Pornprapunt

Chitkasem Pornprapunt

Chitkasem Pornraprunt, Ph.D., has been working for the Bank of Thailand since 1995. He gained extensive experience in bank supervision, financial system analysis and monitoring, and macroeconomic policy during his time in the Supervision Group and the Monetary POlicy Group. He also is proficient in the field of management development as he rotatoes to work in capacity building functions, e.g. the Human Resources Department. At present, Dr. Chitkasem holds a position as a Division Executive of Strategy Division, FInancial Institutions Department. He is now working on the development of the Financial Sector Master Plan (FSMP) which aims to enhance the efficiency of Thai banking sector and render sustainable growwth of the Thai economy in every dimension, including inclusive finance. In the fireld of financial inclusion, Dr. Chitkasm is a focal point in collaborating with both domestic and international organizations such as Ministry of FInance, ASian Development Bank, and Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, in order to develop appropriate financial inclusion policies that fit with the national context. For example, he is a memner of Nationl Strategy for Financial Inclusion subcommittee at the Ministry of Finance. Furthermore, he does actively participate in the Global POlicy Forum organized by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) in the area of financail inclusion data development and support analytical tasks and assignments to the Bank of Thailand's Assistant Governor, as a board member of AFI's steering committee. He has academic background in business and economics and holds doctorate degree in the firle of public administration from National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand.


Division Executive, Bank of Thailand


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