Audrey Hove

Audrey joined the Reserve Bank in 2002 as a business analyst in a department that was providing concessional loan facilities to the productive sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. She rose through the ranks to become Assistant General Manager, whose department was later discontinued in 2011. During the same year, she joined the Bank Supervision Division as a Principal Bank Examiner and was responsible for Corporate Governance & Compliance. In addition, Audrey worked in a number of sections within the Bank Supervision Division, including supervision of medium-sized banks (with a portfolio of five banks), financial stability, and policy research. In September 2016, Audrey was one of the people to constitute the Financial Inclusion Unit, housed in the Bank Supervision Division. She was a member of the core team that developed the National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Zimbabwe, which was launched in March 2016. She is now involved in coordinating the implementation of this Strategy. She was appointed as Deputy Director in the Financial Inclusion Unit in March 2016. Audrey holds a Bachelor of Business Studies Honors Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration Degree, both from the University of Zimbabwe.


Deputy Director, Financial Inclusion




The program is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The MasterCard Foundation, and Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa.