Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal

Working as Deputy Director of Bangladesh Bank, I, Asif Iqbal completed my Masters in Development Studies and Undergraduation (BBA) in Finance from Dhaka University. Was born in 1984, I started my professional career as capital market researcher in 2007. I joined in Bangladesh Bank as Assistant Director in 2009 to fulfill my zeal for central banking. My area of expertise covers risk management, asset quality management of banks, sustainable banking issues (financial inclusion, green banking and corporate social responsibility) and capital market intermediation. I am very keen to work with the issues of sustainable banking, sustainable development, financial stability and inclusive growth. I have user level expertise in computer proficiency and my adaptability to technology and innovation is considerably high. I have deep interest in the political dynamics of both home and globe as well as the history of my country and it's interrelationship with the rest of the world. Possibly for being groomed up in an urban middle-class family, I always try to unfold the rural life, rural culture and rural society. Thus, I feel from my inside that the growth process of a country must include all people of the soil. I like to meet new people, know their views and learn from their ideas. I am a bookaholic and movie freak. I also love sports-both playing and watching. Music and moon are my inspiration to move on.


Deputy Director, Bangladesh Bank


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