Fletcher Energy Consortium

About FLEC

In response to the overwhelming interest in energy issues amongst students and faculty members at The Fletcher School, the students mobilized to form The Fletcher Energy Consortium (FLEC) in January 2008.

Recognizing the diversity of issues related to energy, the founding members of FLEC felt that the best way to approach the issue would be by creating a consortium. The consortium will take an interdisciplinary approach to discussing the role and impact of businesses, governments and civil society on the future of energy in all its forms in the international arena.

FLEC will create opportunities for the exchange of ideas and research on the role of energy in international security and conflict, economic growth and development, resource degradation and pollution, and other such disciplines.

FLEC will organize lectures, workshops and other interactive discussions on energy-related topics of interest to the Fletcher community. Information about these events will appear on the FLEC website.