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Lunchtime Talk on 5 March 2009

FILA..., in association with the Fletcher School's International Law Society, invites you to a lunchtime talk by Prof. C.L. Lim, Professor of Law and Associate Dean at Hong Kong University.


by Prof. C. L. Lim, Professor of Law and Associate Dean, Hong Kong University Law School

With a special introduction by Prof. Joel P. Trachtman, Professor of International Law, The Fletcher School

Lunch shall be provided.

Date/Time 5th March 2009/12.45 pm to 2.30 pm
Venue The Crowe Room, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy
RSVP Kindly RSVP to Jeremy Leong at jeremy.leong@tufts.edu (places are limited)
Prof. Lim will speak on international trade law and distributive justice in the development context. In what he terms as the "conventional morality" of trade, Prof. Lim will address existing theories on trade law and developing countries and revisit the legacy of the late Robert E. Hudec. In so doing, build a new paradigm in understanding both the receptiveness and the bias today against arguments about right and wrong in trade law and policy.

Listening to What Developing Countries Say in Disbelief: Robert Hudec's Complex Legacy [pdf]