Welcome to Fletcher International Law And … or FILA…, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy’s first online international law community.

FILA… is a unique enterprise in two respects.

First, FILA… is the only online forum which is exclusively dedicated to inter-disciplinary scholarship in international law. FILA…recognizes that in these times, international law cannot be viewed in a vacuum and that it has limitless connections with other disciplines such as economics, sociology, history, political science and many others.

Second, FILA…, through its online discussion paper series and FILA…Live, FILA…’s fast paced blog, provides scholars, students and other individuals interested in the inter-disciplinary study of international law, real time discussion and updates on international law. In particular, the interface between the online discussion paper series and FILA…Live provides scholars who contribute discussion papers with the opportunity to gather contemporaneous commentary and responses from a wide spectrum of similarly interested scholars. The FILA…Management Board is responsible for the editing and supervision of discussion papers, responses and commentary so as to ensure that the discourse is healthy, rigorous and compelling.


FILA…Live is FILA…’s weblog. Here, news and announcements relating to international law are regularly posted for reference as well as discussion. Bloggers on FILA…Live can look forward to participating and initiating discussions and debates relating to other disciplines' contributions to international law and vice versa. Further, short comments and responses to FILA…discussion papers may be posted.

Contribute Discussion Papers

FILA… is looking for discussion papers to be posted for general commentary. Response papers to FILA…discussion papers may also be solicited to be posted. Discussion papers need not be the final product and FILA… believes that works in progress may benefit greatly from response papers, commentary and general discussion in FILA…Live. Learn more about FILA…’s submission policy for discussion papers.

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