Extreme Inclusion Fletcher CEME May 2 2013 Conference Web Banner

Extreme Inclusion: Development, Dignity and Financial Services

Fletcher School, Tufts University

May 2 – Open Conference, May 3 – Invitation-Only Practitioner Roundtables

For years, market systems have expanded financial services to reach previously unbanked customers. Yet for all the gains made, moneyless and marginalized people still live in financial seclusion.

New stars have entered the poverty scene: digital transfers, tablets, and solar lamps that shut off when a customer can't pay. We know the buzzwords: impact investing, shared value, and evidence-driven approaches. But we question if the hype is real.

Have these technological enablers diverted attention from the desired impact--poverty eradication and wellbeing? How have public and private sector efforts integrated all people into viable financial systems? What breakthroughs might inspire us? What really makes a difference in the lives of the poor?

In partnership with MasterCard Worldwide and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Fletcher School at Tufts University is hosting Extreme Inclusion. Please join a broad group of academics, students, public and private practitioners and investors, along with central bankers from 16 countries, as we debate these core questions.