What Makes a Good Fletcher D-Prize Applicant?

A winning Fletcher D-Prize venture will be focused on distribution of poverty solutions. Radically scaling up access through “distribution” can happen in a number of ways. For example:

  1. Your venture could directly distribute proven products to a population segment in need. For example, you may have a model for selling solar lamps in the developing world where they are not yet available. Or you may distribute praziquantel, a 10 cent medication, to populations at risk and suffering from schistosomiasis, an intestinal parasite.
  2. Your venture may distribute a proven non-tangible intervention to those in need. For instance, a venture could design a process for training facilitators of “sugar daddy awareness” classes, and implement programs in schools to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy. Another may expand access to education, perhaps by raising funds for educational scholarships.
  3. Your venture may improve existing distribution models. Vaccines are life-saving interventions but are often wasted due to inventory mismanagement. A new mobile app with data management software or cutting-edge supply chain processes could solve this problem.

What else is needed for a great proposal?

  • Personal capability: Individuals or teams will have strong leadership. They will have the correct skill set for the venture being proposed, and they will have shown leadership and an ability to succeed in the past.
  • Thoughtful proposal:The venture plan will be feasible and well thought out. There will be a clear understanding about how a poverty solution is delivered to a target population, a pilot location is sensibly selected, and the budget is cost-effective.
  • Scalability: There is a long term vision for scale. Ventures might start in one village, but if successful should have potential to grow to affect hundreds of thousands of people, or even scale to an entire country.


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