The Competition

We offer up to $20,000 in seed capital to Fletcher social entrepreneurs who want to distribute proven poverty solutions in the developing world. The seed capital will be used to fund a pilot of the winner's venture.


The Fletcher D-Prize brings together Fletcher’s interdisciplinary problem-solving expertise with D-Prize’s experienced social entrepreneurs and impact investors to find and fund proven poverty interventions to the world’s most pressing development issues. 

Why Distribution?

The world’s most pressing poverty problems already have solutions.  What is lacking is better distribution of those interventions that can be rapidly scaled up.  As an example, modern mosquito nets were invented in the 1980s yet malaria deaths in Africa increased 33% to over 1.5 million infected during 1980-2004.  During mass distribution campaigns in 2004-2010, malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa fell by 33%.  The invention of mosquito nets alone did not save lives; the successful distribution effort saved 480,000 lives.  Now that’s real impact! 

“As a human society, we invented the solutions to eradicate extreme poverty decades ago,” said Andrew Youn, co-founder of D-Prize. “But in practice, these solutions have yet to be distributed to more than a billion people. For many of the world’s poor, the distribution of proven interventions would result directly in the achievement of human development."

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Why The Fletcher D-Prize?

Addressing this specific “solutions” gap, the Fletcher D-Prize mobilizes the social entrepreneurs resident here at The Fletcher School with support from faculty, staff and over 8000+ alumni who want to focus their energy and talent on distributing poverty solutions. By supporting budding entrepreneurs and their good ideas, the Fletcher D-Prize gives internationally-savvy Fletcher students the support and funding to launch a social venture while still in graduate school. Missing in traditional “silo” approaches, Fletcher’s holistic thinking and toolkit brings a unique multidisciplinary intelligence to solving the world’s most pressing problems.

Clair de Lune

Want to learn more about inaugural Fletcher D-Prize winners Clair de Lune?

Clair de Lune - D-Prize

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