Judging & Tips


All applications will receive at least two independent readings by judging panel members. The panel includes individuals with professional experience in non-profit or for-profit organizations that distribute life-changing technologies in the developing world,  as well as members of the Fletcher community. Applications are assessed on:

●   Quality of the entrepreneur(s), including their past leadership experience, skill alignment related to their proposal, and passion for their idea.

●   Focus on distribution. Proposals must focus on distributing a proven poverty solution that needs greater access in the developing world. (For more insight, see “what makes a good Fletcher D-Prize winner”).

●   Potential for scalable success of the venture. The proposal should be operationally sound, and have a strong vision for scaling to impact hundreds of thousands of people over time.


Application Tips

●   Scale, impact, cost-effectiveness. Successful applicants will build a plausible case that their intervention is highly scalable, impactful, and cost-effective

●   Keep within scope. The most successful startups are explicit about their focus, and avoid spending resources on too wide or too many areas. A well-focused, tightly scoped idea will perform best in this competition.

●   Be succinct. Successful candidates are objective, focused, and clear. These attributes should come across in your writing. Orient your application towards an educated judge who is relatively knowledgeable with the key issues.