Fletcher Student Housing

Fletcher students tend to choose housing relatively close to the Medford campus. The local area offers many public transportation, restaurant, and grocery store options that make for convenient place to live. To see where our students live and local amenities, click on the image below to access the interactive map which pinpoints the housing locations and favorite haunts of over 150 Fletcher students. Zoom in to see local area detail or zoom out to see information about those live farther afield.

Map of Fletcher student housing

The Fletcher Connection: Ushahidi and Crisis-Mapping

The online platform used to produce this map is called Ushahidi, which takes its name from the Swahili word for "testimony."  It was initially developed to map reports of violence in Kenya during the post-election fallout in early 2008, and is now used for coordinating humanitarian response in a range of situations including election monitoring in Afghanistan, crisis simulations from the UN, and the 2010 Haitian earthquake. It relies on “crowdsourcing” of information from people on the ground using e-mail, SMS, twitter feeds and web reports to pinpoint the data on an interactive map.

Ushahidi has a unique Fletcher connection: Patrick Meier, F10, is a member of the Ushahidi Board of Directors and began mobilizing an Ushahidi team at Fletcher when he learned of the Haiti earthquake on the evening of January 12, 2010. As information about the devastation began to pour in online, he asked the Fletcher community to help monitor and process the data. Over 250 Fletcher students, friends and undergraduates have been trained as crisis-mappers, helping to turn text messages and twitter feeds from local witnesses into useful data for humanitarian teams. This data was widely used in humanitarian relief efforts by constituencies include military, international organizations and NGOs.