FAQ - Housing

Are utlities included?
Typically, utilities are not included.
Does Fletcher offer on-campus housing?
Yes, Blakeley Hall is Fletcher’s co-educational dormitory which houses 84 students.
How do students get to Fletcher everyday?
Most students walk to campus everyday. Students living farther away from campus use public transportation or drive. There are several bus routes (MBTA Routes 80, 94 and 96) in the area and the subway station (MBTA Rapid Transit “T” Red Line/Davis Square stop) is approximately a 10-minute walk from campus. MBTA maps and routes can be accessed on the MBTA website. The Tufts University Shuttle that runs between the subway and the Tufts campus.
How far away from campus do students live?
The majority of students live within one mile of campus, many within a few blocks.
How long does it typically take to secure housing?
About one month.
How many roommates do students have?
Most students have one or more roommates. Many students live with other Fletcher students.
How much do students pay in rent each month?
Students with no roommates pay on average between $1,200-$1,500 per month. Students with one roommate pay on average between $700-$800 per month. Students with two or more roommates pay on average between $500-$700 per month.
Is parking available at Fletcher?
Yes, students may purchase a commuter student decal or a resident student (overnight parking) decal. There is a parking lot adjacent to the Fletcher complex. Information on on-campus parking can be found here.
What are the best resources for finding housing?
What are typical realtor fees?
Realtors typically charge one half to one month’s rent for services.
What type of up front fees do students pay?
Many students are required to pay a security deposit (usually one month’s rent). In addition, many landlords will require first and last month’s rent up front.
When should incoming students begin to search for housing?
It is never too early to begin searching for housing. Houses/apartments with January vacancies are likely to fill them a month or two in advance.
Where do students live?
The closest communities to Fletcher are Medford and Somerville. Students also live in the cities/towns of Cambridge, Arlington, Malden, and Winchester.