Comparable Coverage

      Dear Students:

     I am writing to give you important information about health insurance requirements at Tufts University. As you may or may not be aware, the state of Massachusetts requires that all full time students attending universities in this state have health insurance.  They further list minimum requirements for what insurance plans do and do not qualify as comparable coverage.

     It is very important that you understand what these requirements are so that you can carefully plan and budget for these expenses. As you prepare to attend Tufts University, rather than simply directing you to the link for the state of Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Plan information, we are highlighting in this letter the minimum requirements of plans that will be accepted as well as what specific benefit levels would be excluded from coverage.

     All plans must have a valid US address. International policies cannot be accepted, according to state requirements.

     Your insurance must cover care in Boston, Massachusetts (HMOs such as Kaiser cannot be accepted).

     Your insurance must be for 12 months coverage and provide evacuation and repatriation benefits.

     Mental health benefits must be equivalent to Massachusetts parity standards (at least 24 outpatients visits a year; unlimited visits for biologically based conditions, and inpatient benefits equal to medical inpatient benefits).

     Inpatient hospitalization coverage must be at least $250,000.

Please note:  the Massachusetts minimums for hospitalization will not be accepted by us as comparable. We do not believe it is at all in the best interest of students to purchase plans that have $50,000 worth of hospitalization coverage. These plans do not protect students adequately and the above standards must be met to waive your insurance. 

Please call us at 617-627-3349 or email us at or  if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. 


Michelle Bowdler, MSPH

Senior Director, Health & Wellness