Career Resources

The Office of Career Services manages a large collection of career resources that help students explore industries and job functions, network with employers and prepare for interviews.

Individual Coaching

The OCS staff is available for all aspects of career coaching from self-assessment to salary negotiation.  Fletcher Career Coaches stay abreast of trends in the sectors they support through research and frequent employer outreach.  The Career Coaches support Fletcher students targeting careers in over 30 specific sectors and fields (e.g. business, energy, human rights, international development, public international law, security, US government).  One-on-one coaching appointments might focus on:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Career brainstorming and strategy development
  • Information on specific fields
  • Resume and cover letter feedback
  • Application review
  • Videotaped mock interviews
  • Job offer and salary negotiation
Employer Relations

Employers around the world value Fletcher’s unique interdisciplinary program, which produces graduates who know how to navigate the increasingly complex and globally integrated world.  The faculty and staff at Fletcher explore, build, and maintain relationships with employers around the world.  Examples of Employer Relations include:

  • Information Sessions
  • Resume Collections/Books
  • On-Campus Recruiting
  • Interviews
  • Employer Outreach
  • Internship and Job Postings
  • Career Trips
Self-Assessment Tools

Self-assessment is often an important first step in planning your career.  The Office of Career Services regularly uses the following tools:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • CareerLeader
Fletcher Career Central

Fletcher Career Central (FCC) is Fletcher's online career management tool. It is a one-stop resource that allows students to manage their career search process and includes:

  • Employer/Contact Search - The OCS maintains a robust database of employers and contacts which include our Outreach Notes to keep students updated on our conversations with employers.
  • Job/Internship Postings - students have access to search jobs (specifically targeting Fletcher students and alumni) by several different criteria including industry, location and job function
  • Peer Search - one of the most powerful networks are fellow students. FCC allows students to search other students through various criteria including languages, regional and industry focus as well as a resume keyword search.
  • Calendar - students can search for all upcoming OCS events including career education programs and employer briefings; with a couple of mouse clicks, students can sign up and download the appointment to their personal calendar.
  • Easy Job Application - students can store unlimited copies/versions of their resumes, cover letters, writing samples, transcripts and other potential application materials. Applying for a job in the system is simple since students can send any of their uploaded materials to an employer directly through FCC.
  • Resume Books - FCC allows employers to have easy access to students via electronic resume books. Students can opt-in to a general resume book and/or a sector-specific resume book. Employers can search the resume books and pull the resumes of students that interest them.
  • Coaching Appointments - students can see the appointment availability of all the career coaches and schedule/change/cancel appointments through FCC. 
Fletcher Intranet

The Fletcher Intranet offers a password-protected site exclusively for Fletcher students, designed for easy access to all the resources available. It is a combination of resource map and resource repository.

  • Career Field Guides - The OCS has assembled over 30 Career Field Guides for areas of most interest to the Fletcher students. Industry Guides usually include descriptions of the field, career paths and salaries, demand, qualifications, sample classes you might take at Fletcher for the field, sample employers in the field and links to dozens of useful web resources to learn more about that field. See a sample Career Field Guide.
  • PDP Guides - The OCS has developed several guides that correspond tih the PDP curriculum to help students with many of the complicated steps in the career search process. See a Sample PDP Guide.
  • Internship Database - This database provides data from the most current three years for the summer internships pursued by Fletcher students. Detailed information about each internship is gathered when students return at the end of the summer and then used to populate this database as a resource to other students.  Students can search by geography, industry and employer.  
  • Employment Websites - In addition to the hundreds of useful web resources available in the Career Field Guides, the OCS is constantly adding new internet resources to our web library which students have found useful in the job search including Vault, Devex and CareerLeader.
Career Resource Library

A library with both hard copy and web subscription services to help students learn about careers, industries and employers.  Some sample resources include:

  • Vault Gold (premier website with access to detailed employer profiles and business-specific career guides)
  • Devex (premier website for international development jobs)
  • Industry specific guides (e.g., Federal Resumes, Life Inside an Embassy, EU Information Guide)
  • Company materials from employers
  • Sector-specific books and magazines
  • Hardcopy versions of the 30 Career Field Guides (see link below)
Student Clubs

The Office of Career Services partners with our student clubs to help make professional opportunities available and develop leadership skills. Some of the

  • Consulting Club
  • Diplomacy Club
  • Fletcher Energy and Environment Club
  • Fletcher Finance Club
  • Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society
  • Fletcher Net Impact
  • Fletcher Political Risk Group
  • Fletcher Social Investment Group
  • Fletcher Students in Security
  • Fletcher United Nations Club
  • Global Health Group
  • International Business Club
  • International Development Group
  • International Law Society
  • International Trade Group
  • Tech @ Fletcher

Summer Internship Funding

Through the generosity of alumni and friends of Fletcher, the OCS makes funding available to assist students with unpaid summer internships.  In any given summer, approximately 125 students take advantage of this summer internship funding, which typically enables internships in 50 different countries spread across Africa, Asia, Middle East, North and South America, and Eastern and Western Europe.  The funding is distributed evenly among all students who qualify.  While the funding never covers the full cost of the internship, it is a helpful supplement which allows students the opportunity to pursue valuable field work that they may not have been able to do without the additional funding made available through this program.

Career Field Guides

The Career Field Guides provide current students a description of the field, career paths, salary expectations, demand, necessary qualifications and related Fletcher coursework.  Each guide has additional resources and websites with field and sector specific information.  See a Sample Career Field Guide.

  • Asian Development Bank
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Capitol Hill
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Governance and Civil Society
  • International Education and Cultural Exchange
  • Energy
  • Environmental Policy/Program Management
  • European Union
  • Foundations
  • Government Relations/Public Affairs/Lobbying
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Human resources Training and Development
  • Human Rights
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • International Development
  • International Law
  • Journalism/Media
  • Management/Strategic Consulting
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Microfinance
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Public Policy Research/Think Tanks
  • Public Relations
  • Refugee and Migration Affairs
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Science/Technology/Telecommunications
  • Security and Defense
  • Trade Policy and Promotion
  • US Federal Government
Alumni Database

Students have full access to the Tufts Online Community which includes a robust listing of not only Fletcher alumni, but Tufts alumni as well, working around the globe.

Fletcher Career Statistics

Read in detail about Fletcher employment outcomes, or see an overview report below: