Alumni Network

The Fletcher alumni are a very loyal and dedicated group of individuals who feel passionately about their school and its students. Students have many different opportunities to interact with Fletcher alumni working in all sectors, from new alumni to very senior alumni at the peak of their careers. Learn about where our alumni live, what they do, and why they chose Fletcher, and explore how our office works with them:


Students have the opportunity to interact with alumni throughout their time at Fletcher - lectures, research center events, career events, club events - all incorporate Fletcher alumni into their activities.  Here are some of the ways the OCS incorporates the Fletcher alumni:  

  • Informational Interviews - alumni are very approachable when students ask them to share their insights into their career field, their employer, their industry and their advice. Alumni are the best source for career education because they are living the jobs students want day in and day out.
  • Career Trips - Over 500 alumni participate annually in the New York, NY and Washington, DC Career Trips and the Student Alumni Networking Event in Boston
  • Career Education - the OCS incorporates alumni whenever possible into the career education programming to bringing a real world voice into the classroom.
Career Support

Alumni are often our best source for job and internship opportunities.

  • Fletcher Career Central - FCC has over 2,800 contacts, most of them alumni, who are in the system because they have been a resource in the past, from career trips, to information sessions to posting positions.
  • Job Postings - Fletcher alumni know the value of the Fletcher education and it is often the first place they think of when they have a staffing need.
  • Internship Support - Many alumni understand the challenge of turning eight fast weeks into a successful summer internship. Alumni have done everything from offering a guest bedroom for the summer to introducing an intern to all the executives in their organization, just to ensure the intern gets as much exposure as possible.

Alumni Database

Students have full access to the Tufts Online Community which includes a robust listing of not only Fletcher alumni, but Tufts alumni as well, working around the globe.