Fletcher's Solution

  • Fletcher students and alumni are an extremely diverse group in terms of work and life experience as well as ethnicity and nationality.
  • The School’s flexible curriculum permits students to explore the widest possible variety of coursework in international affairs, and then focus on two primary fields of study. As a result Fletcher students have great breadth of understanding as well as the ability to be subject matter/area specialists.
  • Fletcher students successfully navigate the intersections of international business, government policy, the non-profit world and international organizations. This ability to work comfortably across sectors provides a competitive advantage for any employer in an increasingly interconnected world.

“Fletcher graduates assess client issues from a variety of perspectives in a way more narrowly focused majors can not. They see a bigger picture and this is valuable in an increasingly complex business world.”
John Walenta, Fletcher Alumnus and Director, Oliver Wyman

“Fletcher's interdisciplinary approach produces graduates with a broad worldview as well as excellent quantitative and analytical skills. The program's international focus attracts students with a wide variety of backgrounds, including overseas work experience, foreign language ability, and strong intercultural skills. These qualities are precisely what large international agencies, be they in the public or private sectors, are looking for in an increasingly globalized world.”
Gail J. Bryant, Human Resources Specialist, Catholic Relief Services