Help Current Students

As Fletcher alumni employed in exciting careers around the globe, you are by far the greatest resource for current students. By getting involved with OCS, whether through informal check-ins or participation in one of our programs, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and give back to the Fletcher community. If you wish to assist us in any of the initiatives listed below, or have further questions about ways in which you can get involved, please contact On behalf of the students, we warmly thank you for your time and efforts!

Here are ways that you can help our students:

Speak on a Career Information Panel

OCS sponsors several career panels each year, on campus as well as in conjunction with the annual New York, NY and Washington, DC career information trips. By participating on these panels, alumni can introduce current students to careers related to the Fletcher degree, providing them with an informal atmosphere in which they can ask candid questions about work within particular career fields or organizations. Alumni panelists serve as particularly valuable informational and networking resources for students contemplating a career shift.

Provide OCS with Career Information

Keep OCS abreast of the latest developments and trends in your career field or organization so that we are better able to target our recruiting efforts and coach students. You can do this in a variety of ways: meet with us to tell us about your organization when we come to town on outreach trips; keep us abreast of full-time or internship opportunities in your organization; or make edits and suggestions to the industry-specific information contained on our website.

Offer an Internship

Although internships are not required of Fletcher students, the OCS strongly recommends them as a critical component of students’ graduate school experience. This is especially true since so many Fletcher students are career changers, shifting from one sector or career field to another. An internship allows students to:

  • learn the industry buzzwords and build critical skills within their desired field
  • develop a network of contacts, many of whom will be an invaluable resource in their job search
  • be a more competitive candidate - employers today need new hires with relevant experience who can jump in and add value from day one

For a potential employer, the internship is an opportunity to get a sense of a student’s "fit” within their organization, something that is critically important to employers in an economy where they’re hiring fewer people and need every hire to be the "right” one. In this tight economy, organizations from all sectors find the majority of new hires among their pool of summer interns.

Do an On-Campus Info Session

Do you think that Fletcher students are a good match for your organization? Consider coming to campus, alone or with other colleagues, to lead a recruiter information session. Such sessions provide students insight into careers and companies that match their skills, backgrounds and interests. When actual job or internship positions are available within your organization, these sessions can be accompanied by resume collections and interviews to make the most of your trip.

Host a Site Visit

Is your organization a logical fit for Fletcher students? And are you based in New York, DC, or Boston? You may not be able to convince your employer to sponsor a trip to campus to host an information session, but you can still bring Fletcher students to you! Consider hosting a site visit during one of our annual career trips to these cities. On a site visit, a group of Fletcher students can come and learn more about opportunities and career paths within your organization and meet with hiring managers. When actual job or internship positions are available within your organization, resume collections and interviews can accompany the site visit to make the most of students’ trip to your organization.

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