Gift impact

Karen Hastie Williams, F'67

Retired Partner, Crowel & Moring LLP

"My classmates and professors at Fletcher emboldened me to explore unknown cultures and customs, to examine new ideas with an open mind, and to embrace commitment to goals of excellence as a linchpin of sound public policy."

Sharon Rivera, MALD, 2007

Home: Phillipines
Undergraduate Institution: University of the Phillipines

"I was looking for a graduate school with a solid reputation in international affairs and an established program in security studies that would give me the training that I need to pursue my career in the Foreign Service and national security affairs. Fletcher is recognized by governments, especially by members of the diplomatic corps, and its International Security Studies Program has trained numerous senior government and military officers worldwide. My Fletcher education, made possible by financial aid, and its wide alumni network all over the world, will definitely serve me well in my career."

Kenneth Fan, MALD, 2007

Home: Brookline, Mass.
Undergraduate Institution: Tufts University

"Fletcher's diverse student body and faculty are united by a deep desire to solve global problems. This dynamic, rooted in a truly interdisciplinary approach, separated Fletcher from the other graduate programs I considered. I wanted a career focused on the intersection of the environment and international business, and Fletcher's strengths in both fields made the program a great fit for me. I'm hoping to start or join an entrepreneurial business in the environmental field after I graduate."

Jay Dearborn, MALD, 2007

Home: Holden, Maine
Undergraduate Institution: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

"I knew I wanted to return to school to pursue an MBA and an advanced foreign policy degree. Fletcher was my only choice for a foreign policy degree due to the unique flexibility of the curriculum that now allows me to discover varying disciplines taught by titans in their respective fields. Fletcher has allowed me to craft an education to meet myinterests and professional goals and, at the same time, pursue a joint degree with the MBA program of my choice.

"Fletcher students aren't shy. They bring such varied experiences and a wide array of opinions. I learn as much from them as I do from my professors and texts. The lively debate that begins in the classroom often spills out into the halls."

Katrina Burgess

Associate Professor of International Political Economy

"One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at Fletcher is having students from every region of the world. My courses on political economy of development and Latin American politics are richer because students from these countries bring their experiences and perspectives to the classroom. My research also benefits from their engagement and their access to information. For example, students regularly send me relevant articles from their home newspapers that I otherwise would have missed. In turn, I have been able to offer several students the opportunity to conduct field work in Latin America, which has been a formative experience for them."

William R. Moomaw

Professor of International Environmental Policy

"Students at Fletcher are interested in finding sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by the critical environment and resource problems of our time. A Fletcher education demonstrates the multiple dimensions of complex issues such as energy, climate change, and economic security as facets of a single issue. Students learn how people can improve their well being by simultaneously addressing environmental, social, and economic needs through international cooperation."

Shashi Tharoor, F'76, F'77, F'79

Former Under-Secretary General for Communications and Public Information, United Nations

"My job is to promote the understanding of and support for the U.N.'s role in development, the environment, public health — a whole range of issues and initiatives. And whatever the organization's shortcomings, when it comes to dealing with these kinds of transnational issues, no other body can match the experience, expertise, and legitimacy the U.N. is able to muster. The breadth and rigor of my class work at Fletcher has served me well."

Wolfgang Ischinger, F'73

German Ambassador to the Court of St. James

"Without my year at Fletcher, my professional career as a diplomat and Ambassador would not have been possible. Fletcher was an invaluable and unforgettable personal and professional experience."

The Late Charles Sitter, F'57

Former President, Exxon Corporation

"In today's world most matters of major significance have to be dealt with on a worldwide stage. This requires an education that integrates political, economic, business and cultural understanding. A Fletcher education is a powerful step in the process of gaining the essential appreciation that is necessary to succeed in any of these fields."


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Jay Dearborn

"Fletcher was my only choice for a foreign policy degree due to the unique flexibility of the curriculum that now allows me to discover varying disciplines taught by titans in their respective fields."
—Jay Dearborn, MALD, 2007