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Week of February 3, 2013–February 9, 2013

  1. Jan 14–
    Feb 15

    Scaife Foundation Financial Aid

    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  2. Feb 4

    ISSP Luncheon Lecture Series

    11:30 AM – 2:00 PM

    "Driving 'Revolution': The Real Locus of Power" Many analysts in the international policy community as well as ideologically motivated conspiracy theorists are, oddly, attracted to the theory that external assistance to internal movements, whether by states or non-state actors, can precipitate "nonviolent revolutions". This is rarely if ever the case. Similarly, most political scientists believe that structural or institutional factors, or economic or social preconditions, can explain the timing and also the success or failure of nonviolent movements – without reference to the skills and decisions of such movements in iterative and protracted conflicts. But the latter is the real source of leverage that's on display in movements that force change. This event is full.

  3. Feb 4

    Admissions Information Session

    12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

    We invite you to attend a small group Information Sessions during your campus visit to learn about The Fletcher School.

  4. Feb 6

    ISSP Luncheon Lecture Series

    12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

    International Security Studies Program presents: Colonel James Breck. Colonel Breck will present an "off the record" lecture to a Fletcher audience of faculty, staff and students: Tribal Strongman and Afghan Air Force General: My Year Mentoring Major General Abdul Raziq Sherzai."

  5. Feb 6

    IBGC Speaker Series Presents: Paul Schulte (F88), Former Global Head of Financial Strategy at China Construction Bank International Securities

    12:30 PM – 1:45 PM

    Paul Schulte (F88), CEME Senior Fellow, CEO of SGI Emerging Markets Research, and Former Global Head of Financial Strategy at China Construction Bank International Securities to present to the Fletcher community: Banks Trump Government: The Paradox of Asset Prices and Political Instability

  6. Feb 9

    Africana Night: Sounds of the Continent

    7:30 PM – 10:00 PM

    Come join the Africana Club in exploring the sounds of the Continent in this year's African culture night! Look forward to an enjoyable evening with friends celebrating song, dance, and wonderful African cuisine. Tickets will be on sale M-F until the event in the Hall of Flags for $20 apiece.


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