World Peace Foundation: "How Mass Atrocities End"

Thursday November 17, 2011
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM



Alex de Waal, Jens Meierhenrich, Bridget Conley-Zilkic

World Peace Foundation


Cabot Intercultural Center, Room 205 160 Packard Ave

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There is perhaps no other phase of mass atrocities that is less studied yet more debated than endings. An ideal ending dominates policy and activists' imaginations – victims saved, perpetrators defeated, and some form of transitional justice accomplished. But this rarely occurs. Actual endings are little researched, yet provide a rich field of study and valuable arena for policy development. Scholars and policymakers have developed tools for defining when a genocide is happening – but not for when it is over. For example, can we say that the mass atrocities in Darfur have finished or not? Please join us as we discuss this topic, which will be a major focus of the WPF research program. We will explore how one defines an ending, who makes this determination, what factors influence endings, and how endings reshape socio-political dynamics.

Contact Information

Bridget Conley-Zilkic
(617) 627-2243

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