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Water and Oceans (WO)

Water plays a central role in ecosystem and human life, so we need an integrated approach to understand and address the complexity of water issues around the world. Humans use water in many ways. Fresh water is essential for drinking, hygiene, agriculture, and many industrial processes, including energy production. Rivers and oceans support fisheries that millions of people rely on for food and income. They also provide avenues for the flow of goods, people, and ideas. Water issues are also central problems for international diplomacy in arenas ranging from sustainable development and food security to management of global fisheries and territorial sovereignty.

CIERP’s Water and Oceans (WO) Program works jointly through the interdisciplinary Water: Systems, Science, and  Society program at Tufts to identify technologies, policies, and measures that can offer the multiple essential services that water provides. We study the ocean as a source of food, energy, and other resources, including its role in the climate system and transportation, and its cultural value.

Strategic Collaborations:

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation