CIERP faculty and students are actively engaged in the local, regional, national and global discussions on Environmental resource issues and the policies affecting them. Through commentary in the media, speaking engagements, and presentations to special interest groups you can learn more about the work we do.

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Energy Systems in an Uncertain World

Solve Talks at Google: The Green Dream: Powering the World with Clean Energy

CIERP Students at CoP21

Cutting Edge Research on Women, Energy, and Leadership | Barbara Kates-Garnick, Rebecca Pearl-Martinez | Women in Clean Energy Symposium

From Ivory Tower to Ivory Trade | Sulmaan Khan, Ellen McDonald & Elayne Stecher | TEDxTufts

Unilever CEO and Inaugural speaker in the CIERP Global Leaders Series talks to Fletcher students on Sustainability

Professor Sulmaan Khan overviews his 2015 book Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy

Climate Vulnerability: Panel Discussion at the Asia Society

Professor Emeritus William Moomaw addresses the 2014 Arctic Circle Assembly

from Arctic Circle Secretariat on Vimeo.

Kartikeya Singh, #ArcticCircle2014 "Rising Stars: The Arctic, Climate Change, and the Role of Renewable Energy"

Zoraida Velasco presents 'Dinnergy' at Latinas Think Big Innovation Summit October 2014

Kartikeya Singh discusses global warming and climate issues with IndiaPost Live

IndiaPost Live logo_2

Dean's Video Update: March 2014: Interview with Associate Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher