Renewable Equity Project

The Renewable Equity Project (REP) is driven by the idea that women’s advancement in the clean energy workforce is a climate-smart innovation. Building on the evidence of women’s transformative roles in the economy, gender imbalances in the energy industry, and the shortage of skilled workers, we are working to show that diversifying the energy workforce could accelerate the transition to renewable technologies—here in the United States and globally. Through research, education, and advocacy, the project aims to demonstrate that we can expand the clean energy economy, build energy security, and decarbonize our world by putting women’s leadership front and center. The Head of REP is CIERP Research Fellow Rebecca Pearl-Martinez.

Project Highlights:


Rebecca Pearl-Martinez and Professor Barbara Kates-Garnick speaking at C3E in 2015


Rebecca Pearl-Martinez

Barbara Kates-Garnick

Mieke van der Wansem

Research Assistants

Ginette Walls

Keerthana Chandrashekar