Agriculture, Forests, and Biodiversity (AFB) Program

Researching sustainable management of agriculture, forests, and biodiversity in a changing climate.

Under the direction of Professor Avery Cohn, this program convenes research in support of land use and food systems that enable low carbon sustainable development resilient to global change. 

Research themes of the program include: (a) policies to promote the adoption sustainable agricultural practices; (b) the sensitivity of tropical agricultural systems to climate change and variability, (c) the value of forest ecosystem services for agriculture, (d) integrated forest and agricultural livelihoods as a source of resilience to global change; (e) the sustainable intensification of agricultural systems, (f) non-market barriers to food efficiency; and (g) governance to end tropical deforestation.


Current Projects

  • Learning Alliance for Adaptation in Smallholder Agriculture –focused on comparison of climate change adaptation interventions in Brazil and Mozambique within integrated crop, livestock and / or forestry systems.
  • Climate Smart Agriculture, Food Loss, and Food Waste - contributing to the development and implementation of the climate smart agriculture research and policy agenda., particularly as detailed in the No More Food to Waste Conference as organized by the Netherlands government, in close collaboration with FAO and UNEP.
  • Moomaw Program in Global Forest Governance - a program of activities named for CIERP founder Dr. William Moomaw, the program will embody his  solutions-­‐oriented and rigorous professionalism in studies ranging from the role of supply chain governance in forest protection to feedbacks between deforestation, regional climate change, and agricultural systems, and the behavioral economic dimensions of forest-­‐sparing technology adoption.