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Issue 4 - May 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment:

What should corporations be responsible for doing in regard to the environment?
  • Picking Green Apples: Apple Computer and Environmental Activism  by Corey O’Hara (Fletcher MALD and Freidman School MS, Candidate 2008)
    In this case study, Corey O’Hara investigates Apple Computer’s environmental record within the overall context of electronic waste and accusations against Apple Computers by groups like Greenpeace. Is Apple Computers doing enough in the environmental realm?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Duct Tape by Ann Rappaport (Lecturer, The Fletcher School and Tufts Urban and Environment Policy Department)
    In this editorial, Professor Ann Rappaport discusses the structural and historical place of corporate social responsibility. Is corporate social responsibility a quick fix, like duct tape, or should it be encouraged over the long-term?

  • Climate Change and the Fortune 500: Assessing Voluntary Efforts by Kari Hewitt (Tufts Urban Environmental Policy and Planning, M.A. Candidate 2008)
    Kari Hewitt explains her findings on the climate change and environmental actions of Fortune 500 Companies. How many companies are taking actions to mitigate climate change? What are companies doing about climate change and does it have the potential to be effective?