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Climatic Change Jouranal

Kuhl, Laura, Kirshen, Paul H., Ruth, Matthias, Douglas, Ellen M.

Evacuation as a climate adaptation strategy for environmental justice communities, Climatic Change, Springer Netherlands, 2014-10-16, 10.1007/s10584-014-1273-2

Environmental Research Letters
E S Spang, W R Moomaw, K S Gallagher, P H Kirshen and D H Marks

Multiple metrics for quantifying the intensity of water consumption of energy production. Environment Research Letters, 2014 Volume 9 105003.

Environmental Research Letters
E S Spang, W R Moomaw, K S Gallagher, P H Kirshen and D H Marks

The water consumption of energy production: an international comparison. Environment Research Letters, 2014 Volume 9 105002.


Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development

Georgia L. Kayser, William Moomaw, Jose Miguel Orellana Portillo and Jeffrey K. Griffiths

Circuit Rider post-construction support: improvements in domestic water quality and system sustainability in El Salvador. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. Vol 4 No 3 pp 460–470 © IWA Publishing 2014 doi:10.2166/washdev.2014.136.

IEEE August 2014 cover imageKelly Sims Gallagher and Zdenka Myslikova

Collective Action: Mitigation, Adaptation, Innovation: The Case of the Chinese PV Industry. Power and Energy Magazine, IEEE, vol.12, no.5, pp.28,33, Sept.-Oct. 2014
doi: 10.1109/MPE.2014.2331891

American Economic Journal - Economic Policy - Cover

Shinsuke Tanaka

Does Abolishing User Fees Lead to Improved Health Status? Evidence from Post-apartheid South Africa. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 6(3): 282-312.

Batabyal Book CoverKartikeya Singh Not the Politics of the Usual: Youth Environmental Movements

in 'Environment, Politics, and Activism: the role of media (ed. Somnath Batabyal). Routledge, 2014.

July 2014 cover of Nature Climate Change JournalBonizella Biagini, Laura Kuhl, Kelly Sims Gallagher, Claudia Ortiz

Technology Transfer for Adaptation. Nature Climate Change published online July 13, 2014

PON CoverWilliam Moomaw and Lawrence Susskind (eds.)

Mobilizing Science and society for Better Global Environmental Governance. Papers on International Environmental Negotiation, Volume 19 (2012)

Logo for International Politics, Energy, and CultureHyosun Bae and Zoraida Velasco

South-South Technology Cooperation: The case of China and Brazil's Wind Industry InPEC, 7th May 2014

Cover of PNAS April 2014 Edition Avery S. Cohn, Aline Mosnier, Petr Havlík, Hugo Valin, Mario Herrero, Erwin Schmid, Michael O’Hare, and Michael Obersteiner.  

Cattle ranching intensification in Brazil can reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by sparing land from deforestation. PNAS April 28, 2014. Published online before print, doi:10.1073/pnas.1307163111

Cover of publication - Our High Energy Planet

Roger Pielke, Jr., Daniel Sarewitz, Alex Trembath, Jason Lloyd, Lisa Margonelli, Michael Shellenberger, Ted Nordhaus, Mark Caine, Max Luke, Todd Moss, Joyashree Roy, Mikael Roman, Kartikeya Singh

OUR HIGH ENERGY PLANET: A CLIMATE PRAGMATISM PROJECT. Breakthrough Institute and Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes at Arizona State University, 28 pp., Published April 2014.

Fish at a Tokyo Fish Market - cover for paper

William Moomaw & Sara Blankenship

Charting a New Course for the Oceans. Discussion Paper (10). Medford, MA: Water and Oceans Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, April 2014.

Snapshot from Data on US Department of Energy R D & D spending 1978-2014Kelly Sims Gallagher & Laura Anadon (2014)

DOE Budget Authority for Energy Research, Development, & Demonstration Database. Energy Technology Innovation Policy research group, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School, March 2014.

This document, in Microsoft Excel format, tracks DOE appropriations from 1978–2014 and the 2015 budget request and includes funding for ERD3 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. It also includes several charts.

Cover: Climate Change, Trade and Emissions Leakage. Freight port sceneSatoshi Yoshida

Climate Change, Trade and Emissions Leakage: Trade Measures and Climate Agreements . Discussion Paper (9) MALD Thesis. Medford, MA: Sustainable Development  Diplomacy and Governance Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, April 2014.

Book Cover: The Globalization of Clean Energy Technology Kelly Sims Gallagher (2014) 

The Globalization of Clean Energy Technology: Lessons from China. Boston, MA: MIT Press

Read the Foreign Affairs review here

Daybreak at the Great Wall - cover image for Prospects for Reducing Carbon Intensity in ChinaXuan Xiaowei and Kelly Sims Gallagher

Prospects for Reducing Carbon Intensity in China. Discussion Paper (8). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, February 2014.

Minnesota Journal of Law, Science and Technology logo

Maria Petrova
Sustainable Communities and Wind Energy Project Acceptance in Massachusetts, MJLST, Vol15, Issue 1 (2014), 529-554

Cover of book Debating ChinaKelly Sims Gallagher & Qi Ye (2014)
Climate and Clean Energy. In N. Hachigan (ed.) Debating China: The US-China relationship in Ten Conversations (pp,111-130). New York, NY: Oxford University Press 

Environmental Science & Policy publication coverJan Willem den Besten, Bas Arts, Patrick Verkooijen
"The Evolution of REDD+: An Analysis of Discursive Institutional Dynamics" Environmental Science & Policy, Vol. 35, January 2014, p. 40-48

European Climate Foundation logoOgunlade Davidson; Peter C. Frumhoff; Niklas Höhne; Jean-Charles Hourcade; Mark Jaccard; Jiang Kejun; Mikiko Kainuma; Claudia Kemfert; Emilio La Rovere; Felix Christian Matthes; Michael MacCracken; Bert Metz; Jose Moreira; William Moomaw; Nebojsa Nakicenovic; Shuzo Nishioka; Keywan Riahi; Hans-Holger Rogner; Jayant Sathaye; John Schellnhuber; Robert N. Schock; P.R. Shukla; Ralph E.H. Sims; Jeffrey Steinfeld; Wim C. Turkenburg; Tony Weir; Harald Winkler;  New unabated coal is not compatible with keeping global warming below 2°C

Sustainability Outlook Cover Image
Singh, Kartikeya
"Innovate or Deteriorate." Sustainability Outlook, Issue No. 5, October 2013: 45-46.

picKate O'Neill, Erika Weinthal, Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya, Steven Bernstein, Avery Cohn, Michael W. Stone, and Benjamin Cashore
"Methods and Global Environmental Governance." Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Vol. 38: 441 -471 (Volume publication date October 2013)

Wiley Cover image

Petrova, Maria A.
"NIMBYism revisited: public acceptance of wind energy in the United States." WIREs Clim Change, 4 (2013): 575–601. doi: 10.1002/wcc.250.

World Bank Discussion Paper - cover

Chris Sall, CIERP Research Affiliate.

Climate Trends and Impacts in China. World Bank Discussion Paper, Septmber 2013

Cover Urban Affairs Review Sept 2013Richard C. Feiock, Kent E. Portney, Jungah Bae, Jeffrey M. Berry
"Governing Local Sustainability: Agency Venues and Business Group Access." Urban Affairs Review March 2014 50: 157-179, first published on September 16, 2013   doi:10.1177/1078087413501635

CDKN Case Study Cover Image

Kelly Sims Gallagher and Fang Zhang
"Innovation and Technology Transfer Across Global Value Chains: Evidence from China’s PV Industry,"   Climate Technology & Development Case Study. Climate & Development Knowledge Network, July 2013.

Logo for Research Papers in EconomicsKelsey Jack

"Private information and the allocation of land use subsidies in Malawi"  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 5(3): 113-35.

Following the LDCs Bhandary Brief Cover Image

Bhandary, Rishikesh Ram
"Following the LDCs: How Leadership in the Climate Regime Could Look,"   Policy Brief. Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, May 2013.

Logo from Sustainability MDPI Open Access JournalKent Portney, Jeffrey Berry 

"Sustainability and Interest Group Participation in City Politics". Sustainability 2013, 5(5), 2077-2097; doi:10.3390/su5052077


Gallagher, K.S. and L.D. Anadon
"DOE Budget Authority for Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Database," Energy Technology Innovation Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, April 16, 2013.

Cover for Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Nava Ashraf, B. Kelsey Jack, Emir Kamenica
"Information and subsidies: Complements or substitutes?", Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Volume 88, April 2013, Pages 133-139,

Energy Policy Cover Image
Eisgruber, Lasse

"The resource curse: Analysis of the applicability to the large-scale export of electricity from renewable resources," Energy Policy, Volume 57, June 2013, Pages 429–440. (Note: Article adapted from author's 2012 MALD thesis.)

Tanaka Paper cover image

Tanaka, Shinsuke

"Environmental Regulations on Air Pollution in China and Their Impact on Infant Mortality," Working Paper, May 2013, Under Review.

Bhandary Policy Brief - Cover Image

Bhandary, Rishikesh Ram
"What was New at Rio+20? An Analysis of The Future We Want," Policy Brief. Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, March 2013.

PNAS Cover ImageKanter D.R., Mauzerall D.L., Ravishankara A.R., Daniel J.S., Portmann R.W., Grabiel P., Moomaw W.R., Galloway J.N.
"A post-Kyoto partner: Considering the stratospheric ozone regime as a tool to manage nitrous oxide."  PNAS 2013 110 (12) 4451-4457; published ahead of print February 25, 2013, doi:10.1073/pnas.1222231110.

Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate Cover Image - Hari Banshal Dulal

Bryan R. Bushley and Rishikesh R. Bhandary
"Tracing the REDD Bullet: Implications of Market-Based Forest Conservation Mechanisms for Poverty Alleviation in Developing Countries." Chapter in Poverty Reduction in a Changing Climate, edited by Hari Bansha Dulal, Lexington Books, February 2013.

Tanaka Paper cover image
Gary Jefferson, Shinsuke Tanaka, and Wesley Yin

"Environmental Regulation and Industrial Performance: Evidence from Unexpected Externalities in China," Working Paper, February 2013.


Moomaw, William
"Can the International Treaty System Address Climate Change?" The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, vol.37:1, Winter 2013.

Cover of Cityscape JournalKent E. Portney 

"Local Sustainability Policies and Programs As Economic Development: Is the New Economic Development Sustainable Development?"  Cityscape, Vol. 15, No. 1, Climate Change and City Hall (2013), pp. 45-62

picBenjamin M. Gramig, Carson J. Reeling, Raj Cibin, and Indrajeet Chaubey (Purdue University – CIERP collaborators, AFB Program)
"Environmental and economic tradeoffs in a watershed when using corn stover for bioenergy." Environmental Science and Technology, Accepted Manuscript, January 22, 2013, © 2013 American Chemical Society.


Kelly Sims Gallagher
"Why & How Governments Support Renewable Energy." Daedalus, Winter 2013 (The Alternative Energy Future, vol. 2), Vol. 142, No. 1: 59–77.

Logo for Selected Works research Announcement ToolUjjayant Chakravorty 

The Long Run Impact of Biofuels on Food Prices (2013)

Logo for Selected Works research Announcement ToolGilbert Metcalf 

Using the Tax System to Address Competition Issues With a Carbon Tax (2013)


Wilson, C., Grubler, A., K.S. Gallagher, and G. Nemet 

"Marginalization of end-use technologies in energy innovation for climate protection." Nature Climate Change, Vol. 2, November 2012, pp. 780-788.


Walsh, Katherine
"Accelerating Green Building in China,"  Policy Brief. Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, October 2012.


Kelly Sims Gallagher and John C. Randell
"What Makes U.S. Energy Consumers Tick?" Issues in Science and Technology. Summer 2012.
Read a response to the article by Cora Marrett, Deputy Director, National Science Foundation (scroll to the bottom section).

pic Kelly Sims Gallagher, Arnulf Grubler, Laura Kuhl, Gregory Nemet, and Charlie Wilson
"The Energy Technology Innovation System." Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Vol. 37: (First online July 31, 2012; Volume publication date November 2012).

picCrocker Snow Jr.

"Hothouse in the Arctic," Report of the March 2012 international conference Panning for Wealth in the Warming Arctic, co-hosted by CIERP et al. Medford, MA: The Edward R. Murrow Center, July 2012. Read the associated report on the Arctic Triangle Index, involving the resources, infrastructures, and social systems of the 8 Arctic Council countries. 


Moomaw, William (Section Author) and Petrova, Maria (Lead Topical Contributor) et al.

"Renewables 2012: Global Status Report." Paris: REN21 Secretariat, June 2012. High res version available here and key findings available here.


Moomaw, W., T. Griffin, K. Kurczak, J. Lomax 

The Critical Role of Global Food Consumption Patterns in Achieving Sustainable Food Systems and Food for All, A UNEP Discussion Paper. United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, Paris, France, 2012.


Cozzi, Paolo

"Assessing Reverse Auctions as a Policy Tool for Renewable Energy Deployment," Discussion Paper (7). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, May 2012.


Moomaw, William and Papa, Mihaela

"Creating a Mutual Gains Climate Regime through Universal Clean Energy Services," Discussion Paper (6). Medford, MA: Sustainable Development Diplomacy and Governance Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, May 2012. Also published in Climate Policy, January 2012: DOI:10.1080/14693062.2011.644072.

Caijing Moomaw Gallagher Page One Image

William R. Moomaw and Kelly Sims Gallagher
"Climate Change: The Clock Keeps Ticking," CAIJING Annual Edition: Forecasts and Strategies, 2012, pages 174-176.


Gallagher, K.S. and L.D. Anadon
"DOE Budget Authority for Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Database," Energy Technology Innovation Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, February 29, 2012.


Reading, Michael and Cozzi, Paolo
"Report on the Workshop on The Globalization of Clean Energy Technologies: Firm-Level Perspectives and Policy Implications," Workshop Report. Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Group, CIERP, The Fletcher School, January 2012.


aeeGramig, Benjamin M. and Reeling, Carson J. (Purdue University, Department of Agricultural Economics – collaborators on CIERP's Agriculture, Forests, and Biodiversity program)
"A novel framework for analysis of cross-media environmental effects from agricultural conservation practices,"Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, Volume 146, Issue 1, January 2012: 44-51.

New Diplomacy Image

Moomaw, William
"New Diplomacy," Discussion Paper. Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School, 2012.


carverCarver, Liz
"Black Carbon and Climate Change: Exploring the Policy Options for Reducing Emissions from Diesel Fuel Consumption in the United States," Discussion Paper (5). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, September 2011.


Durham, Greg W.
"New Energy: The Effects of Regulatory Reforms on the U.S. Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program," Discussion Paper (4). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, September 2011.




Siegel, J.R. and Rahman, Atiq
"The Diffusion of Off-Grid Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Rural Bangladesh," Discussion Paper (3). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, September 2011.
Read a related paper published by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) with contributions from Siegel. 


Smithwood, Robert Brandon
"Competition and Collaboration in Renewable Portfolio Standard Adoption and Policy Design: Lessons from New England," Discussion Paper (2). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, September 2011.



Moomaw, William et al.
"Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report," September 2011.


Araújo, Kathleen
"Achieving Decarbonization," Policy Brief. Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Group, CIERP, The Fletcher School, September 2011.




Moomaw, William et al.
"Reactive Nitrogen in the United States: An Analysis of Inputs, Flows, Consequences, and Management Options - A Report of the EPA Science Advisory Board," August 2011.



Liu, H. and Gallagher, K.S.
Preparing to ramp up large-scale CCS demonstrations: An engineering-economic assessment of CO2 pipeline transportation in China.” International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Volume 5, Issue 4, July 2011: 798-804 (in press, available on line).


Gallagher, K.S., Anadon, L.D., Kempener, R. and Wilson, C. 
Trends in investments in global energy research, development, and demonstration.” Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change, Volume 2, Issue 3, May/June 2011: 373–396.


Araújo, Kathleen

"Achieiving Decarbonization: Transforming National Energy Systems," Workshop Report, June 2011.


Moomaw, William
"Increasing the Share of Low-Carbon Energy Sources in the Fuel Mix In Multicritera Analysis for Climate (MCA4climate)," UNEP,  June 2011. Find the full report here.

Cashore, Benjamin; Göhler, Daniela; Hoogeveen, Hans; Rayner, Jeremy; and Verkooijen, Patrick

"Learning about policy learning: designing a global forest governance learning architecture,"  Learning in Politics and Public Policy, ECPR Joints Sessions of Workshops, St. Gallen, April 12-16, 2011.

Gallagher, Kelly Sims and Muehlegger, Erich 
"Giving Green to Get Green? Incentives and Consumer Adoption of Hybrid Vehicle Technology," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol. 61, No. 1, January, 2011: 1-15.



Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Moomaw, William et al.)
"Special Report Renewable Energy Sources (SRREN)," IPCC, 2011.


envscitechBirch, Melissa B.L.; Gramig, Benjamin M.; Moomaw, William R.; Doering, Otto C. III ; and Reeling, Carson J.
"Why Metrics Matter: Evaluating Policy Choices for Reactive Nitrogen in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed," Environmental Science & Technology 45, 168-174, 2011.


Gallagher, Kelly Sims; Strong, Aaron; Mathys, Ted; Davidson, Nick; Manghani, Ravi; van der Wansem, Mieke; and Moomaw, W.R.
"Key Research Needs for Global Climate Change Policy," Discussion Paper (1). Medford, MA: Energy, Climate, and Innovation Program, CIERP, The Fletcher School, June 2010.

Lewis, Joanna and Gallagher, Kelly Sims
"Energy and Environment in China: Achievements and Enduring Challenges," in VanDeveer, Stacey and Regina Axelrod (eds) The Global Environment: Institutions, Law, and Policy, CQ Press, 2010.

Hart, C. and Liu, H.
"Advancing Carbon Capture and Sequestration in China: A Global Learning Laboratory," China Environment Series Issue 11, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 2010.

envirodevsustGallagher, Kelly Sims
"The Challenge for Environment, Development, and Sustainability in China," in Wilson, G.A., Furniss, P., and Kimbowa, (eds.) Environment, Development, and Sustainability: Perspectives and Cases from Around the World, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Hoogeveen, Hans and Verkooijen, Patrick 
"Transforming Sustainable Development Diplomacy: Lessons Learned from Global Forest Governance," Wageningen University, January 2010.

picHans Hoogeveen, Jagmohan S. Maini, William Moomaw, Adil Najam, Patrick Verkooijen

"Designing a Forest Financing Mechanism: A Call for Bold, Collaborative & Innovative Thinking," Report. Medford, MA: Center for International Environment and Resource Policy, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, June 2008.

Also see IDEAS, our informal online journal featuring works by Fletcher students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Tanaka Paper cover image

Tanaka Paper cover image