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Professor Moomaw presents at Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture

October 25, 2011

oct25Professor William Moomaw, CIERP Director, was one of the keynote speakers at the 2011 Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture in Ede, the Netherlands.

The conference, held October 24-27, brought together world experts on climate-smart agriculture to discuss the current state of knowledge, deliver a set of findings based on a multi-disciplinary approach and identify effective methods to implement interventions across the globe.

Professor Moomaw’s presentation focused on using sustainable development diplomacy to build smart agriculture in Africa. After pointing out that the connection between climate change and agriculture has until recently been largely ignored by the continent’s governments, he discussed the impact of large-scale agriculture on the population and the environment. He argued that undernourishment and climate change are not problems, but symptoms of unsustainable development, and concluded that the continent has an opportunity to promote its development by engaging the world on climate change mitigation through the promotion of climate-smart agriculture.

The Ede conference, which built on the Roadmap for Action created at The Hague Conference in 2010, intends to use its findings on climate-smart agriculture to elevate the profile of agriculture in future international climate change negotiations.