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Professor Moomaw Discusses Climate Talks and Climate Change Mitigation Policy

December 5, 2011

Professor William Moomaw, Director of CIERP, discusses the international negotiations at Durban, the prospects for future climate change mitigation agreements, the situation in the United States and his latest areas of research during an exclusive interview last week:

What are the prospects for agreements in Durban, and in what areas could we see results in the near future?

Professor Moomaw: While leaders are unlikely to resolve the issues they’ve been arguing over for twenty years, some agreements could be forged at Durban, specifically with regards to reduction of emissions from deforestation and degradation, climate-smart agriculture and renewable energy for developing countries. Watch his complete answer below.

Why is there a critical need for an international agreement on climate change right now?

Professor Moomaw: The Kyoto Protocol commitments end in 2012, so there is an urgent need for next steps. An agreement should be reached to provide low-carbon, low-emission energy solutions to developing countries, which would lead to quicker introduction of renewable energy elsewhere. Watch his complete answer below.

What is the current situation in the United States with regards to climate change mitigation policies?

Professor Moomaw: At the national level, the United States is doing badly, with the exception of the Pentagon. The real action in the country is at the state and municipal level. Watch his complete answer below.

In what areas does your current research focus?

Professor Moomaw: Energy and climate change, renewable energy, nitrogen pollution and sustainable development diplomacy are some of the topics I’ve been focusing on lately. Watch his complete answer below.

-Interview by
Elia Boggia, MALD candidate F13