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Managing Holistically: Policies and Actions to Restore and Sustain Eco-System Services

Student Workshop

An opportunity to participate in a policy development process to restore and sustainably maintain grasslands, forests, fisheries and agricultural lands.

Deadline to apply: November 11, 2013

This November 22 – 23, CIERP is organizing a conference and workshop with Allan Savory of the Savory Institute on holistic management of natural resources.  Allan Savory presented some of his work on restoring grasslands and reversing land degradation and desertification at Fletcher last January – his talk was a big success.  For more information on this event, click here.

Here also is a TED talk by Allan Savory. 
This conference and workshop is a follow-up to Allan’s talk in January, focusing on whether and how Holistic Management can be applied to issues beyond grasslands restoration and combating desertification.   We will be exploring how to develop a set of goals and policies for implementing Holistic Management utilizing concepts developed at Fletcher and the Friedman School including Sustainable Development Diplomacy.  We will be exploring more in-depth how to apply holistic management to restorative development in three areas:
  • Forest Restoration
  • Agricultural soils Restoration
  • Fisheries Restoration

At the Friday morning public conference (22 November), Allan Savory will set the scene and explain the need for holistic management and policies, including an overview of what we have learned from studying how holistic management has restored degraded grasslands.  We will have an interactive discussion with Allan on how policies are formed today; how we have modified that framework to embrace complexity through a need for context that embraces social, environmental and economic complexity; and, the role of multiple state and non-state actors.  Allan will introduce us to his 10 principles for effective resource management, which are the essence of holistic management.

During the Friday afternoon and Saturday closed workshop (22 – 23 November), approximately 30 students, as well as several Tufts faculty and staff from the Savory Institute and its New England Hub, will be part of several interactive working groups exploring more in-depth how to apply holistic management to 3 resource areas: agriculture, forests, and fisheries, evaluating existing policies and approaches, and identifying new strategies. Allan will present and discuss his 7 testing questions, which you ask yourself to help ensure that the decision you make is simultaneously socially, economically, and environmentally sound, leading you toward a holistic management system.

If you are interested in being part of this interactive hands-on holistic management workshop, please submit  to Professor William Moomaw (, Prof. Tim Griffin ( and  Mieke van der Wansem ( by noon on Monday, November 11, a 1-2 page statement of interest, including:

  • Name, degree program, year of graduation, and Fields of study
  • Your CV
  • Topic of your thesis or major research paper
  • How this conference and workshop fits with your studies, research, and/or career interests
  • Relevant experience, knowledge, and/or coursework
  • What/how you will contribute to the workshop

Selections will be made by Friday 15 November.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Prof. Moomaw, Prof. Griffin or Mieke van der Wansem.