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Educational Events

CIERP hosts multiple events throughout the year, which bring academics and practitioners to Fletcher to discuss the latest research and practices in environment and resource policy.  We organize speakers, conferences, skills workshops, and more, often in collaboration with other programs at Fletcher and other departments at Tufts.  CIERP regularly works closely with a variety of student groups to organize and support special events.  These groups include Fletcher Green, Fletcher Energy Consortium, Net Impact, and the Tufts Energy Forum. See the Fletcher Student Clubs and Organizations website for group leader contact information.

CIERP organizes the following regular speaker and research series and outreach events:

The Tufts Energy and Climate Forum is a cross-university effort sponsored by CIERP, the Tufts Department of Economics and the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE).  It sponsors several large events each year featuring well-know speakers on critical energy and climate issues.  Topics include science, engineering, technology and innovation, economics, health and the environment, and resource policy and politics.

The Tufts Energy and Climate Research Seminar is a cross-university effort sponsored by the Energy, Climate, and Innovation (ECI) program of CIERP, the Tufts Department of Economics, and the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE).  This seminar consists of monthly informal gatherings to discuss current or recent energy policy research, with particular focus on innovation to help address global energy and climate change challenges.  Researchers often present work-in-progress to solicit feedback.

The Tufts Climate Change, Climate Justice Initiative, co-sponsored by CIERP, aims to connect environmental movements to social justice movements.  We support climate change and climate justice education, research, and activism on local, national, and global levels.  We bring groups within and outside of the university together to address local and global community needs. Moreover, we aspire to incorporate a social justice lens into climate change initiatives throughout the university, as well as to diversify participation in climate change research, policy making, and activism.

The Sustainable Development Diplomacy and Governance Roundtable provides all Fletcher students who are interested in sustainable development diplomacy and governance with the opportunity to discuss informally some of the difficult issues that diplomats and other professionals confront in their work. It is intended as a chance for students to explore the dilemmas and practical choices that professionals working on current challenging SDDG questions face.

The Maurice S. Segal Lecture Series addresses topics at the intersection of medicine, environmental concerns and related public policy.  Events are held annually under the joint auspices of the Tufts Medical School and CIERP at The Fletcher School.