Where do CIERP graduates go after Fletcher?

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Fletcher students who select IERP courses are prepared for careers as both policy practitioners, business professionals, and academics in diverse fields across a broad range of sectors, working both nationally and internationally. Here are just a few of their stories:


Katie Walsh, F'14, International Business Relations, Environment & Resource Policy
Manager of the Cities program for North America at CDP 

I work with municipalities on reporting on their sustainability, climate mitigation and adaptation/ resiliency strategies. As part of a global NGO, I contribute to the organization's strategic thinking on engaging cities all over the world on their sustainable planning and development efforts. This work is crucial because cities serve as some of the leading emitters of ghg emissions and are also experiencing the wide ranging effects of climate change. I am passionate about this work because cities are well positioned to develop robust mitigation efforts and adapt to more frequent and extreme weather. By working with city leaders from all over the U.S. and Canada, I am improving management to minimize risks and maximize opportunities from climate change.

Geoff Finger, F'13, International Environmental and Resource Policy, International Business Relations
Environmental Cooperation Program Manager, U.S. Department of State

Geoff manages bilateral environmental cooperation in collaboration with the USFS, DOI, EPA, DOJ, and NGOs supported by free trade agreements with Oman, Morocco, Jordan, and Chile. He is currently at State as a contractor with the ATSG corporation. At Fletcher he studied international environmental and resource policy, international business relations, and was chair of the 2013 Tufts Energy Conference.


Emily Chessin

Emily Chessin, F'13, Energy & Environmental Policy, International Business 
Consultant with Meister Consultants Group (MCG)

I started as a Fellow with MCG in July 2013 and was brought on as a Consultant in January 2014. I'm working on clean energy all the time on projects that range from the City to State level, to the Federal and International level. Thus far, I’ve worked on projects for the City of Boston, Mass Clean Energy Center, UN Environment Program (UNEP), the Department of Energy (DOE), the International Energy Agency-Renewable Energy Transformation and Deployment (IEA-RETD), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the Organization of American States (OAS). So, I would say I've landed in a good place. Who knew work like this existed in Boston!


GAO HarianGao Hairan, F'12 GMAP
Deputy Director and Assistant Professor, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC)

Founded in 2012, the NCSC is a national institute of strategic studies and a window of international collaboration and exchange for addressing climate change. One of the main international focuses of NCSC now is China-U.S. relations on climate change and South-South cooperation on climate change. Prof. Gao is currently a key member of a project that aims to design the concrete activities and steps forward in the area of climate change under the broad framework of new models of major power relations. 


Halla Hrund LogadottirHalla Hrund Logadottir, F'11, Economics and Renewable Energy
Director, Iceland School of Energy, Reykjavik University

I did not intend to study energy when I started my MALD, but I chose Fletcher for the breadth and flexibility it offered. This gave me great freedom to follow my emerging interests and my thesis was an entrance ticket into the energy world. As important as the academic recognition of the degree has been the Fletcher network. It has been important in my career development and also where I first met some of my best friends.


Lasse EisgruberLasse Eisgruber, F'12, International Affairs, Energy & Environmental Policy
Global Supply Chain Strategy Specialist, Siemens Wind Power

At Siemens Wind Power I am responsible for driving strategic initiatives that make our supply chain more efficient and market oriented. This for instance includes the development and implementation of a strategy to handle requirements imposed by some governments to localize part of our supply chain (so called “local content requirements”). My education at Fletcher has ideally prepared me for that job. First, I have acquired a set of tools that enable me to find effective business solutions for markets with complex regulatory environments. Second, I have learned to successfully collaborate in cross-cultural teams. This is vital for my projects in which I work closely together with colleagues from the Americas, China, and Denmark.