CHRCR has compiled a preliminary list of resources which examine the intersection between theories of and approaches to human rights and conflict resolution. We welcome the suggestion of articles, reports, books and other publications that should be added to the list.

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Gender and Conflict Resolution

Dyan E. Mazurana & Susan R. Mckay, International Centre For Human Rights And Democracy Development, "Women And Peacebuilding: Essays On Human Rights And Democratic Development" #8 (1998).
Mazurana and McKay document and analyze peace building policies and projects from grassroots organization, nongovernmental organization, and the United Nations. Their text gives visibility to women's work in peace building and reveals women's key roles in attaining human security and peace in place of violent conflict. [from PeaceWomen, A Complete Annotated Bibliography]

Julie M. Peteet, "Gender In Crisis: Women And The Palestinian Resistance Movement" (1991).
An anthropological study of women's roles during the period of Palestinian resistance in Lebanon, 1968-82. Based on fieldwork in Lebanon's refugee camps and among the Palestinian national movement, underscores women's contribution to war- and peace-making as well as changes in gender relations.

Simona Sharoni, "Gender And The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Politics Of Women's Resistance" (1995).
Sharoni declares in her introduction, "This book is both about and for Palestinian and Israeli-Jewish women." It explores the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of women activists, focusing on the issues, strategies, and assumptions that women have used to address the interplay between the politics of gender and the politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. She is documenting women's roles and women's rights in the conflict resolution process in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.