Kim Wilson

Academic Director, Fletcher Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion
"There is an ever increasing emphasis on “evidence-driven” aid programs that require more invasive and complex monitoring and evaluation systems, often at the expense the aid recipients. This growth in a quest for evidence pleases donors but may come at extreme cost to the poor."
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Current Best Approach: Rural Pharmacy Franchising.
Kim Wilson, with Anna Conn, Betty Cox, and Nathalie Hudson, June 2016


Kim Wilson is a lecturer at The Fletcher School and Senior Fellow with the Council on Emerging Market Enterprises and the Feinstein International Center at Tufts University. She's also the Academic Director of the Leadership Program for Financial Inclusion. Spending time in India beginning in 2001 through 2005, Professor Wilson worked closely with savings groups, connecting them to banks with a particular focus on tribal areas. She has worked for Catholic Relief Services heading their Microfinance Unit, and in that tenure, spearheaded CRS' shift from focusing on credit to the poor to savings of the poor. Professor Wilson has consulted for many international agencies in savings and credit. Previously, she was in the private sector, occupying senior management positions in finance and franchising.

In June 2010, Professor Wilson co-edited Financial Promise for the Poor: How Groups Build Microsavings (Kumarian Press/Stylus Publishing, 2010).

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